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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spoke to Soon...

Ok, baby J.... Mommy spoke too soon. Just 2 days ago I wrote to you and told you that I am barely showing. Well, let me take that back. I woke up this morning with a strange new bump on my tummy! The jeans I wore 2 days ago could barely be buttoned today! You really showed yourself to me today... I was so excited to see you:) I wish you would get here sooner than 23 more weeks.... I am so anxious to meet you! I love you!

Cutest Kid on the Block

Mel bought Baby J the cutest outfit yesterday. I LOVE the polka dots and giraffe bib! Thanks Mel! I love your taste, and can't wait to put our little munchkin in this outfit.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Little Man or Pretty Princess?

Well Hello Baby J.....!
I hope you are feeling safe, warm and cozy in my tummy. You have been growing for 17 weeks now! I cannot believe you are the size of my palm! I have not felt you tickle my tummy yet, but your daddy and I did get to hear your heartbeat last week. It was the sweetest sound we have ever heard and we couldn't stop smiling. I CANNOT WAIT to meet you and kiss your little face. We love you so much already. I have barely started to show but I am reminded daily that you are inside of me because I am constantly eating:)
Your daddy and I are soooo excited for next Thursday, Feb. 4. We get to find out if you are our handsome little man or our sweet baby girl. I cannot wait to find out so please cooperate and don't play hide and seek. Once we know, I can start planning and decorating your nursery. Here are a few ideas I have.....
Can you hear daddy and I when we talk to you? I hope so!
We love you so much. We cannot wait to hold you in just 23 short weeks. Until then, keep growing and stay safe and warm. I wish you could know how much we love you!
Mommy & Daddy

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunday Funday

Jen, Dave & Erin came over yesterday for Sunday Funday. Brad and I took them to our favorite hangout spot, Chronic Cantina. The boys enjoyed the game while the girls did what we do best....chit chat! Once again, I got to be the DD! I think I will start charging:)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

2nd Street Night Out

Last night we went down to 2nd Street with Jen and Dave. We had so much fun! Great food at Legends, taking over the juke box at Shannon's, and singing karaoke at Poor Richards! Thanks for a fun night J & D...and congrats on the engagement! We can't wait to celebrate with you both on the Big Day!

Love this pic! These 2 are the male version of LaVerne and Shirley.... when they are together, there is trouble right around the corner. :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

2nd Baby Moon and Counting...

Brad and I decided to keep with tradition and go to Vegas for NYE. Now that Junior is on the way, you could say that this tradition is now over... or at least 'on hold' for a few years.I decided I had better give Brad a hint for what my 'push present' could be! ha ha Here we are in The Wynn on our way to see Le Reve. The entrance was GORGEOUS!
This was in the lobby of our hotel, The Monte Carlo. We weren't too impressed with the hotel. I think we will stand by our Ole' Faithful, Mandalay Bay, from now on and stop trying new places.

We got to shop A LOT... it was 'pregnant woman's pick'! Brad gambled and I got to spend his winnings! Love that trade off! Here we are in Caesar's Palace.

We had a great trip.... even though the usual 4 hr drive took us 10 hrs! At least we had a sense of humor and joked about it the entire way there. We are looking fwd to going back in March and staying at the Mandalay Bay, of course:)