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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


As far as eating goes, our kiddos are night and day.   Cade won't eat to save his life, and little (ahem) Miss Berkie....well..... let's just say, she likes her wheaties :)  I'll just say it: the girl likes to eat.  She is like her mama, what can I say?

Whenever I am eating she will crawl over and help herself to my plate :)

Today, I made Cade some spaghetti and I set it on the coffee table for him.  I look over a few minutes later and he is no where near the spaghetti.  But someone else was:
It was so cute because she was so proud of herself for sneaking Cade's food.  It was as if she was saying, "look mom.... no food waste!" :)  She is such a little cutie patootie an we just love her!

The BIG Screen!

I had a date with another boy this morning..... a boy much smaller than my husband:)  Cade, my little boyfriend, and I went to the movies!  I was extremely excited because it was his 1st time ever going to the movies!  We saw Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel  and we had an absolute blast together!  It is one of my favorite memories so far.

First thing upon arriving... hit the snack bar!

Cade was very anxious to see the "big TV".  I cannot seem to get him to smile for the camera anymore:)

We had about 10 minutes until the movie started (in order to be sure to get a seat we had to arrive early), and I was scared he would eat all of his snacks and want to go home.  But nope!

Fortunately, they did not have previews, which I was beyond thrilled about.  I figured Cade's attention span is only so long, so I was glad we didn't have to waste 15 minutes on previews.  The Summer Kids Series obviously knows what they are doing:)

I was guessing we (he) would only last about 30 minutes, but he shocked me!  We stayed for 1 hour and 10 minutes!

This last picture was taken with my phone during the movie.  Cade loved it!  He switched back and forth between his popcorn and M & Ms.... he was a happy boy!
Thanks for the best date ever, Cade!  Wait.....let's just say you are a close 2nd to daddy :)  I had an absolute blast hanging out with "just us".

Who Needs Paper?

The kids were having bath time as usual and I look up to see this:

Cade must've run out of paper for his crayons, because he used Berkley's face instead!

They were giggling and having a great ole' time.  I couldn't help but join in on the giggling before cleaning the "make-up" off my baby girl :)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Beach Buddies

I know these 2 are cousins, but aren't they the cutest best little friends too!?   I just love them!
Sofia is 5 months older than Cade and they just ADORE each other!  xoxo

Saturday, July 28, 2012

OC Fair Photo Booth

It's a tradition.... every year, we take a "family picture" at the OC Fair. It started with just Brad & I. Then, the 3 of us for the next two years (one was when Cade was just 2 weeks old!), and now the 4 of us barely fit in the booth! Such fun memories:)

Berkie Girl

We have been so busy lately that I have been slacking on the picture taking.  It seems my to-do list is never ending. 
Here are a few shots of Berkley:


 "Just me and my daddy getting our beauty sleep"

Our New Baby

We got a new car last month and I kept forgetting to post pictures! I loved my old car but that was the problem.... it was a "car". Having 2 kiddos now meant I had 2 TIMES as much stuff to pack, not to mention our gigantic double BOB stroller! So, this meant only 1 thing.... time for an SUV!
The best part - not only can I put the stroller in the trunk WITHOUT taking the wheels off (which was a HUGE pain), but I can also fit groceries in the back as well!! Before, I had to put the groceries in the passenger seat. The convenience of our new "tank" (as Brad named it) is worth every penny.

So here she is!!  (The pictures are hard to tell, but it is midnight blue with gray leather interior).

PS  This is not our house... just where we happened to be when we remembered to take pictures :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Such a Steal! Had to Share!

Aren't these the cutest little shoes ever!?

Berkley won't fit into them until next summer, but they were way too cute to pass up.  Plus, if you know me, I always shop in advance for my kiddos.  That way I am stocked up when they hit that next size instead of shopping frantically and not finding all the cute things I saw last month.

So stylish:)

And the best part.....

Gotta love Tar-jet :)

OC Fair

We had such a fun day today at the OC Fair! It was Berkley's 1st time which made it exciting!

First stop - the animals!  Cade had a blast telling us what each animal "says".

Then we saw the pony rides!  I remember seeing this last year, but he was a few months too young (16 months minimum).  I was hesitant this year because I thought he would be timid (they did not allow parents to walk alongside).  However, Cade was very excited and really wanted to "ride the horsey!"
So we got in line and I made sure that we could get a refund if he freaked out when it was his turn.
But nope!  This little stud went through with it!  I was SHOCKED!

The lady picking him up and putting him on the pony :)

Here he goes! 

I was SO PROUD watching my little boy!  I couldn't believe he was doing this ALL BY HIMSELF!

Where did my little baby go??  He is such a 'boy' now.  Bittersweet :)

I know, I know, I took way too many pictures - but what can you do?  I am still beaming from ear to ear!

Next stop, was some food! 

We saw some crazy clowns riding the sky line while in line:)  Cade thought this ride was "scary"!  We agree!

There was this little sand area where the kids could play.  It was perfect because Cade wanted out of the stroller to run free.  And it was such a bummer - we kept talking about all the fun rides we would ride - turns out you have to be 36" tall, and Mr. Man is only 34.5".  Poor guy - such a let down after we had been talking about it all morning:(  I can't believe they don't have even 1 ride for these guys.

The kiddos did a great job and lasted without any major meltdowns.  Success!

Until next time OC Fair ... which won't be long, since we have passes :)  We live so close so it makes it easy to skip over for a few hours pretty often.  It gets us out of the house and the kids get some fun entertainment:)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Few More Pics From Cade's 2nd Bday Party

Thanks Nana for these pictures! Too cute!

Vegas Trip/River Trip Back to Back

My parents watched the munchkins while Brad and I had a few nights away.  You don't realize how much time you don't really have together until you go away, just the two of you.  We had a blast and loved having so much uninterrupted time together.

This was right as we were walking out the door.  Yippee!

First thing we did was hit this pool upon arriving.  This was the view from our room.

One pic before heading to the lazy river:)

Bought our $25 raft to lounge in.  I sat in that thing forever without a care in the world.

Yep, I was pretty excited:)

All cleaned up and ready for dinner....

Unfortunately, I did not get any pics from day #2.  Sometimes you have to leave the camera and enjoy the day - as least that's what Brad says:)  Thanks mom and dad!

We came home, loved on the monkeys, and left about 2 hours later for the river.  The timing was not ideal but that was when the river trip was planned.  We went with Brad's best friends and we always have a great time.  Thanks so much to my aunt Beth (husband Scott and my cousins Nat, Blake and Christian) for watching the kids for these next 2 nights.  We are definitely spoiled.  We missed the kiddos terribly but it was so good for Brad & I.