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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

So Sad...They're Moving!

My friends and neighbors just told me some shocking news yesterday....they're moving.  I am beyond sad.  We hang out many times per week  - whether we go to their house or ours, the park or the beach.  Sofie is right in the middle on our kids so Kristen and I chat while the munchkins run around. We have become really good friends and I am in denial that they are moving.  I totally understand though.  This is what works for their family... I am just a bit selfish and want them to stay.  They have 1 more month in Newport so I plan to bug them everyday until that moving van drives away. 

Today we walked to the park.  Here's Sofie Mae!
And Berkley Laine - mid clap.  She is such my girlfriend.  She just looks at me and starts giggling (maybe she thinks I look funny, who knows:)  She is my shadow lately and wants my attention all.the.time.  We have been having the BEST time together.
Kristen, you better check that moving van before you leave.... I might just take the wheels off  and hide them:)  I really am in denial :(

Palm Springs With The Torres'.... Again :)

Grab a snack and get cozy.... there is picture overload coming your way.  It was hard to weed out the pictures so I just posted nearly all of them.  Sadly, I got none of Tami and Josue.  Darn!  And the pictures I did take all look alike.  Ha!

I LOVE Palm Springs.  It is so relaxing.  We hang at the pool all day and then go back to the room for some kid baths, adult beverages, and this:
Because we are at the pool all day, that leaves plenty of time for this:
I usually get up in the morning (before the pool even opens at 8am) and knock out a few miles.  This trip I ran 10.  I had time to kill before getting everyone sunscreened :)
When I got back to the room, we ate breakfast and then headed out to the pool.
We were saying how sad it is that the older 2 have now graduated out of their rafts and have moved onto their puddlejumpers.

Me and my Monkeys:)  Gosh, I just love these 2.  Sometimes I think my heart is going to explode.  Did I tell you that I have been trying to talk Brad into just ONE MORE monkey!?!?  (Yes, my tubes were tied, but it can be reversed.... not that I looked into it or anything:) 
Rats.... Brad is NOT having it.  If you see him, please put in a good word for me.
Sorry Berks - I caught you blinking.
In new news..... Mr. Cade went down the slide by himself a few times!!!  Sofia did too!  She was a pro actually:)  Here is Cade going up the stairs all by himself:
Go Sofia!  Cade is 'on deck'.

Ha!  This time when it was his turn, he just sat..... and sat.... and sat.  We kept yelling at the kids behind him to give him a little push.  They never did.  And wow - they were so patient as they waited for Brad to run up and go down with him.

Lil' Miss Berks wanted in on the action!
Brad took her down a few times too.  It was her 1st time water sliding :)
Go Berks Go!

Daddy & his Monkeys.  Don't you think he'd look good trying to juggle 3 Monkeys?? :)


Cade & Sofia ("Feeda") going down the slide together.

Brad jumped in again.  He is a crack up.  He LOVES the slides:)
He went on the "big kid slide" a few times as well.  See him waving from the top??

There he goes!
And a few of my girlfriend :)

I just wanna smooch that face!  And believe me, I do!
Brad and the kiddos.   See, he could totally do 3 :)  Hee hee!
We had a great trip! I wore zero make-up all weekend and lived in swimsuits and workout gear.  Does it really get any better than that?  Total r.e.l.a.x.a.t.i.o.n!  See you in November Palm Springs!

Random DLand Pix

We went to Disneyland last week with Tami & Sofia.  Evidently we were having too much fun to stop and take pictures because these were all I got.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Breaking News: 4 Steps!

This little girl.....
Yep, the one in yellow...
Just took 4 steps!  We weren't even trying to call her over.  She was playing with her toys and minding her own business and then she just took off!  F-O-U-R BIG GIRL STEPS!  Yikes.... this means we are really close to being a "baby-less" home.  Once they walk, they seem all grown up.  Bittersweet, I tell ya.

In other Berkley news, she has 2 more teeth coming in on the bottom.  These make 8 teeth total.  She tells me that she is ready for prime rib! :)

Home Is Where The Heart Is

We were so tired yesterday after the work week that we decided to stay in and order pizza. Actually, we (Brad) picked it up. You can't beat a $5 pizza - and we are not "foodies" so Little Caesars is just fine by us.
Check us out - all 4 of us eating (since I couldn't say 'sitting') at the table together.  This may or may not have been a "first" for us.

And check out my lemon babies.  No, I didn't plan to have them matching, it just sorta happened.  I guess it was a big deal to me because I had to run and get the camera.  Don't mind Brad snoozing in the background.  And don't mind our mess.... errr... I mean disaster zone.  The house may be in complete disarray, but we have our family, right?  Healthy and happy conquers it all. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Big Boy Beds

The time has come.... Cade has moved on from his crib.  He is now in his toddler bed.
Not sure how long this will last.  We already have the twin mattress, mattress pad, and bedding ready and waiting in the wing. 
Cade has been climbing out of his crib like it was NBD (no big deal) for a while now, so we thought it was time.

On a random note... here are the monkeys on this Friday eve.

And a close-up of Lil' Miss Berks...

Happy Friday!  Here's to a fun, relaxing weekend!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The "Look"

I was thinking today about the things that I adore about our kids. There was 1 thing in particular that stands out in my mind about Cade.  Is it too cute....

When he looks in the mirror he will glance up and catch my face in the mirror.  I am usually smiling back at him and thinking how cute he is checking himself out.  (Hey, if I was that cute, I'd check myself out too!:)  Upon meeting my eyes, he will go back to looking at himself to see what it is that I am smiling about.  He then always gets that look - you know, the one where he is trying not to smile but he just can't stop the corners of his mouth from curling up.  Almost as if he is trying to be modest while thinking, "yeah, I am that cute... but I must act humble and NOT SMILE".

I knew I wanted to post about this "look"that I love so much but knew that there was no way I'd ever catch the "look" on camera.  I decided to take a random pic of the kids and post it even though it wouldn't show the "look".  Well... low and behold, the first shot I took kinda sorta shows the "look".   Now exactly, but close. 
I decided to press my luck and take a few more shots, but I got this:
Someone was upset that I pulled the binky for the shot - Sorry Cade, but I didn't want to hear it from Mimi (my mom) when she saw the binky.  She frowns on that :)
But when push comes to shove, I'd rather my boy be happy.... sorry mom, you lost on this one:) 
These two are growing up right before our very eyes.  Berkley is clapping all the time now and cruising around the furniture no problem.  If I hold her hands, she will walk down the hallway. 
May (our sitter who has the kids twice a week) says that Cade always sticks up for his sister when kids take toys from her, etc.  Evidently, he says, "be nice guys!  Be nice to my sister!"  Too cute!  He hears this from us - "be nice" - so he must feel the need to pass it along.  I can only hope he continues to be the protective brother he is!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Berkley is 11 Months

Berkley turns 11 months tomorrow.  It is bittersweet for me.  She only has 1 more month to be a "baby".  I want to press the pause button.  Time really is going way too fast.  I want to hold on to my "baby girl" and never let her go.  Before I know it she'll be off to college.

11 Month Stats:
Weight: 19lbs 9.6 oz (32nd percentile)
Length: 28.75 in (47th percentile)

You are so much fun!  I feel like we hit a turning point this past week.  I don't know what it is, but you seemed to grow up right before my eyes in a week's time.  You seem more "little girl" and less "baby" for some reason. 

I am constantly wanting to smooch every inch of you.  I love your little rolls and your flawless, perfect skin.  You melt me.  I grow more in love with you every day.

Thank you for being my best little girlfriend.  I cannot wait to take you on a "girls day" for our very 1st pedicures together.... there are so many fun "girls days" ahead of us.  We are going to be BFFs.... I just know it.... we already are!

Mommy and Daddy love you more than you can imagine!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Disneyland Half Marathon 09.02.12

This past Sunday I ran the Disney Half Marathon with my friends Becky and Allyson. I have run a few races before, and I must say the folks at Disney 'did us right'.  They started EXACTLY on time, which never happens.  The also had tons of characters along the route and various parts of the parks (Disney and Adventure) were turned on.  The Colors show was going (well the lights at least) and the carousel was going with a bunch of characters riding it for us to see.  This race is pricey - $150 - but I will give them credit for doing a great job.  They even started the race with fireworks - if that doesn't scream Disney, I don't know what does!
Becky and I got into the spirit and even dressed up!  Either that, or we just geeked out :)

Below are some action shots that I stole off of the website with the option to buy:

These are a bit out of order.  We started at 5:45am (had the be there at 4:30am which meant I woke up at 3:15am!) so the beginning of the race was in the dark.