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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wild Man & Sleeping Beauty

Just stopping by to say hello.... and to show you what our monkeys are up to today. Cade wanted to model his new hat but then his modeling job went into overtime and he got cranky:) Ha!And here is an exciting fact about this sleeping beauty. Exactly 1 year ago - to the day - we found out we were pregnant with Lil Miss Berkley Laine. Who would've known how much joy she would bring us... and what a cutie we were blessed with too!
This is today's message on the kids' chalkboard that hangs on their bedroom door:)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


So, our little Picasso is at it again... only not on paper this time! Yep, we now have crayon on our oven. I better get to cleaning that off tonight. So yeah, that's yellow art work on the black window, but umm, I can't say that much for the silver part.... that's just plain dirty. Don't judge... at this point, we are just lucky that the oven gets used since we are so crazy busy with these 2 stinkers. :) These next few shots of Berkley were so cute. I couldn't choose a favorite so I thought I'd show you all of them.

Berks is not yet too fond of tummy time. She does a good job, but frankly I think she would rather just sit there and look cute. She doesn't want to work too hard yet:) I am trying to teach her that she can't rely on her looks to get by... hee hee! Love ya Berkie girl!

Monday, January 23, 2012


I bought Cade some crayons the other day and he loved to color. Here is his 1st masterpiece:)

Long Overdue Date Night!

I got such a great surprise Friday night! I was home in my pjs with the kids and Brad had left to go hit a few golf balls. He was only gone 15 minutes when he called. He asked if I wanted to go on a date. I said, "of course! But when?" He said, "Tonight! I just called my mom and she said she will come babysit." I was beyond excited! I kicked off my pjs and put myself together and off we went about 2 hours later. We had such a great time. Thank you so much Margie for watching the kids!

He started off at Blue Beet. They have live music and it was just what we needed. To sit and chat with some entertainment as well. This was my try and our self portrait.Then the bartender saw I needed help and he got this... pretty good, huh?
Thanks to this guy.... (I figured I'd repay the favor and take his pic too:)
After all, he poured these for us:

Here is the live entertainment. His name is Kenny Hake and boy was he good. Brad & I both loved him.
We came home to find this:) So sweet.

All Dressed Up

We went to a 1 year olds birthday party on Saturday. I had to get a pic of Berkie all dressed up because I thought she looked pretty darn cute:)We must've had a great time because these 2 pooped out early.
And so did lil' Miss Berks...
I, however, enjoyed me some quiet time:)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cade Loves Him Some Sinatra

As promised... here is Cade in action!

Untitled from Michelle Jacobsen on Vimeo.

Trip To San Diego

We had a 3 day weekend last weekend, so we planned a trip to San Diego's Gaslamp district with Brad's cousin Tammy, her husband Josue, and daughter Sofia. We had an absolute blast with them!
Here is Cade as Brad was packing the car:)Once we arrived at the hotel...
We took a short stroll to Horton Plaza since our rooms were not quite ready. Here are the older kiddos coloring in Nordies...
Yay! We got our rooms! Time to unpack and relax for a bit before heading out!
Gosh these 2 look alike!
Me and my favorite little boy:)

On our stroll down to Seaport Village. We thought it would be a perfect place for the kids to run around.

There's Miss Smiles:)
We headed out at about 4pm each night.
This was so darn cute. This older man was singing Frank Sinatra songs and Cade was having the time of his life dancing...
And he loved this little girl he met out on the dance floor. Wonder why?? Look who's on her shirt! (Video coming soon of Cade in action on the dance floor.)
We came back to Tami's room so the kids could run around and we ordered a pizza from next door. It was perfect! No trying to wrangle the kids to sit still in a restaurant. We could eat and have a few drinks - it was so easy that we did the same thing on our 2nd night. Happy kids = happy parents.
The next morning, the 4 Jacobsens got up and went on an 8.5 mile run... yep, back down to Seaport Village and onto the boardwalk. It was so nice to have a change of scenery. Here we are, ready to go! (We even found a gym right down the street! This location is now perfect! We must go back!)

So pretty!
All bundled up!
Came back, showered, and got ready for the San Diego Zoo! The gang's all here!

The kiddos had a great time!

In fact, we all did!
My favorite! Too bad they aren't very nice animals... they sure are cute though!
Our darn stroller is so wide that it often causes issues... the boys had to lift it up so that we could get it up the escalator! Don't worry mom, the kids weren't in it:)
Came home from the zoo, napped the kids, grabbed lunch and brought it back to the room for some R & R. We then had a repeat of the night before. Back to Seaport Village. The big kids had a blast on the carousel.
Pizza time in the room - take 2! The kids were much happier rough housing in their jammies than sitting still in a stuffy restaurant:)
After all of this fun we were pooped! Brad & I had the same idea.... take pictures while we slept. We were nervous about us 4 sharing 1 room. We thought the kids would wake each other up. We were pleasantly surprised though....

That trip was perfect. Kids even slept from door to door for the almost 2 hr car ride. When do we get to go back!?