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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tanaka Farms Pumpkin Patch 2013

We continued our tradition today and went to Tanaka Farms in Irvine with the Torres'.

Mommy & kids pic...

I love how Cade did "double thumbs up" in almost every pic :)

Goofball photos!! .... Cade's idea:)

Berkley's 2 Year Photos & Family Pics

Catching Up - Sept & Oct 2013

We have been so busy lately! Here is a photo dump for the past few months.

I ran the Long Beach half marathon last weekend.  A bunch of co workers also ran the race.  We met up afterwards for drinks.
We were at the swap meet and Berkley and Brad were a ways behind Cade and I so I took him to the bounce house to wait.  Berks walked up wearing this new shirt.  Ha!  Brad couldn't pass it up.  I got a good laugh out of it!
My girl LOVES hats!  So cute.  And that voice of hers... it's so sweet.  I could listen to her talk all day!
Playdate with Gia :)
One of my favorite parenting moments/days!  CADE'S 1ST DAY OF PRESCHOOL!
Poppy came for the big day too!  I got covered from work so that I could be there to walk him in.  There was NO WAY I was going to miss this moment.  My heart swelled with pride as our little boy was off to school.  I just LOVE seeing him with his backpack:)
He goes to a Lutheran school by our work Tuesday and Thursday from 9-11:30am.  My mom or dad takes him (since I am at work) and I am off in time to pick him up.  Picking him up is my favorite part of my day.  I sneak up and watch in the window for a bit before one of the kiddos sees me and blurts out, "Caaaade, your mom is heeeere!"

LOVE. LOVE, LOVE this pic!

Daddy built the kiddos a fort!
Popsicles in the tub!  What fun!

Cade has a slight obsession with race cars.  So when we saw one in real life we just had to take a picture next to it.
I had to laugh though because afterwards he saw another "race car" and wanted a pic next to that one too.  Haha!  It was a clunker/beater... so NOT a race car :)
Cade and his buddy Dylan (my friend Cassandra's little boy) at Disney.
Yet another Disney pic.  We certainly get out moneys worth:)  Cade was lucky enough to get to hold Mickey's hand for the whole (small) parade.
Berkie and Minnie.... or should I say, Lainey and Minnie!?
I love nicknames and she has quite a few.  A few weeks ago I threw out "Lainey" (her middle name is Laine) and it seems to have stuck.  Cade calls her that now.  If I resort back to Berkley she says, "NO!  I Lainey!"  What can I say, girl knows what she wants.  She definitely has a stubborn side to her...hmmm... wonder where she gets that from ;)
Regardless, she can go by whatever she wants. 
Lainey turned TWO on Oct. 6th!!  We went to Farrell's for dinner and ice cream.

Fun at the bay!  We do this almost everyday.  Living 6 houses away makes it easy and convenient.  The kids LOVE it...and so do the dogs!!!
Mimi took the kids and I to Coldstone for another birthday celebration after Cade got out of school.
Walking home from the bay:)
I walked into the room to find Berkie wearing my running shoes:)
I went to grab the camera and she says, "Cheeeese!  I'm cute!"
We have a confident one on our hands:)
Can I just take a moment to say how cute she is?  She melts me... and those curls.... I am wrapped around her finger.
Wearing Beebo's birthday gift...

Cade was saying, "I'm gonna marry you Baba"  :)
Another race pic
In Palm Springs...

Storytime with Mimi
Sporting her new nightgown from Mimso
Disney again.  I love it when it is all decorated for Halloween...