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Monday, August 29, 2011

Making 79 look HOT!

Here she is.... the Birthday Girl! Happy 79th Mimer! Don't you love her bday crown!?

My aunt had Mimi's friends (aka The Golden Girls) over for a little birthday luncheon today. Cade & I got to join in the fun too! Here are a few of the Golden Girls:)

Happy Birthday Mimso! We love you so much! Thanks for all you do for us! (Like taking me to work today since I locked my keys in the car. And making me your famous pasta that we all love on a moment's notice!:) You are loved by so many. You have more friends than all of us put together. xoxo

Taylor Swift Concert

Nat & I went to see Taylor Swift at The Staples Center last night. I arrived liking Taylor, but I left loving her! She is the most humble, and genuinely nice person out there. Even though she has been 'famous' for a while now, she is still so humbled by her fans. She still seems shocked by how much people love her. Taylor is such a great role model for young girls! Throughout her entire concert, not ONE dance move was inappropriate or risque. I just love this sweet, innocent girl. And even more, I am SO GLAD she has made it this far without turning into a sexy, raunchy popstar. That gives me hope in our society.
Doesn't Nat look cute? I thought she was the cutest dressed at the concert:)A pic from our seats. We were high up and on the side - but overall not bad seats.

There's my girl Taylor, doing her thing. Yeah, I'm in her fan club now - haha!

You rock Taylor. Nat & I will be bringing Berks with us next time we come to see you. You are definitely someone my little girl will be allowed to look up to. Thanks for keeping it clean and being a good girl. You are adorable.

Chewy & Penny

I hope Cade & Berkley get along as well as this brother & sister.... :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Cade got to spend the day with his cousin Sofia today while Mommy & Daddy were at work. Tami got this adorable video of the ROCKSTARS:)

Thanks for taking such good care of Cade, Tam. He didn't even want to leave when I came to pick him up - it is way too fun at Sofia's house!:)

Boys Only - Girls Must Knock

Cade has mixed feelings about sharing his room with his sister:)

33 Weeks

Saturday, August 20, 2011

How Much Longer??

Cade anxiously awaiting his sister... :)

Sweetest Moment Caught on Film

I walked into the living room today to find this... :)
Luckily, the camera was nearby so I could catch it on film. Such a sweet moment between father and son. Cade is so extremely lucky to have Brad for his daddy. Brad is such a hands-on dad. We all cherish him so much! He has been doing "overtime" with Cade lately so I can rest as much as possible. Today I took a nap while Cade was asleep and when I woke up, I found that I was home alone! I had outslept Cade..... so Brad took him to the park so I could continue sleeping. How did I get so lucky with not only a wonderful husband, but such an outstanding dad to Cade!?
We love you Brad and I appreciate all you do for us so much!

Friday, August 19, 2011


Yep, that describes me this past week.
I have been warned about how much work we are in for once we have 2 kiddos 15 months apart..... BUT..... no one warned me about how difficult my last trimester would be with baby #2. I felt great the last few months (trimester 2), but BAM..... here comes trimester 3 and my energy is miraculously gone in an instant. It was here one second and literally gone the next.
Pregnancy is MUCH different this time around. Gone are the days when I can come home, prop my feet up, and dig into my Haagen Dazs carton.
I am now constantly chasing after Cade - aka my crazy, energizer bunny:) This wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't 7 months pregnant and constantly feeling as though I just completed a marathon. To say I am utterly exhausted and running on 'empty' would be an understatement.
I will let you in on a little secret.... I secretly count down the minutes until bedtime. Ahhh, it is at that glorious moment that I can finally kick back, give the kankles a rest, and take a deep breath. The only problem is that I only enjoy it for about 20 minutes, until I fall fast asleep.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Very 1st Date - Sunday 01.28.2007

How cute is this? This is a pic from Brad & my very 1st date.
I was living in Anaheim Hills and Brad was living in Newport (same house we now live in). I came out to Brad's house and we hopped on the bikes. We wrote down to the Newport pier and had lunch/drinks at Sharkeez.
Don't we look young? It wasn't that long ago, but man it feels like so long ago. I love how Brad is checking me out from the corner of his eyes:)
I just love this guy:)
Who would've thought that date would end in marriage.... plus 2 bambinos!? I am one lucky girl!

Berkley's Shower

Here are a few candid shots in the beginning.... people arrived at different times, so unfortunately I did not get a pic of everyone.
Jaci, Nat, Lisa, & Meli...
The food:)
Mimi, aunt Jen, and Maggie....
Tammy & Shannon...
Me & Shannon:)
Tammy, me & Shannon...
4 generations - me, mom, Mimi, & Berkley :)
Gift time! I loved opening all the G.I.R.L.Y. gifts! Berkley got so many tutus, ruffles, bows, and glittery things! I was in Heaven! Thanks so much everybody!

"Queen Bee" :) LOVED this! Thanks Meli Beli!
Berks also got TONS of books. They were all PRINCESS themed! Adorable! Thanks Jana!
Isn't this mannequin cute!? Thanks Dawnie:)
It's tutu time! Berkley seriously will need to sleep in these things to get through them all:) What can I say? I LOVE tutus!! Great taste Bernie - thank you!

Here is Marlee - our youngest party guest. She is my friend Jaci's little girl - 3 months old. Isn't she adorable!? I just love all that hair! Perfect for bows!! :) She has one in - you just can't see it in the pic.
Meli, me, Lori, & Jaci:)
Same group, just a different location. We were trying to figure out the lighting...
Thanks so much for everyone that came today. I tried to keep this shower small since it was for #2 - but it still was a great turnout. I had a GREAT time and feel incredibly blessed. Berkley is one LOVED little girl already! I can't wait for you all to meet her in just 7 weeks! xoxo

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Goodbye OC Fair

Since we have passes to the fair, we went many times this summer. It is perfect when we want to get out of the house with Cade. So we decided to go one last time this afternoon.

I love how Cade just kicks back - feet up, while he wets his whistle:)

Me & my favorite little boy:)
Brad really liked this. So, here ya go babe.... this pic is posted for you! Guess ya know what side we vote for now:) Cade got the attention of the parade people. At first, he liked it....
But this was a little too close for comfort for him :( He got very scared when the animal (bird?) got too close to him!
Next, we went to the dog show called "Jump!". Here are the boys checking it out. I think Cade wished Chewy & Penny could do tricks like these dogs :) (One dog was actually named Chewy!)
I didn't get any good shots, but here is the end of a dog doing a back flip!
They even had one dog do a handstand on top of the trainers hands! That was the most impressive trick I saw!
Jumping backwards on his hind legs....

And that's all folks. See ya next year, OC Fair! But get ready.... we will be double the trouble next time. Cade has already told Berkley to get ready for the food, rides, and shows!