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Monday, August 15, 2011

Berkley's Shower

Here are a few candid shots in the beginning.... people arrived at different times, so unfortunately I did not get a pic of everyone.
Jaci, Nat, Lisa, & Meli...
The food:)
Mimi, aunt Jen, and Maggie....
Tammy & Shannon...
Me & Shannon:)
Tammy, me & Shannon...
4 generations - me, mom, Mimi, & Berkley :)
Gift time! I loved opening all the G.I.R.L.Y. gifts! Berkley got so many tutus, ruffles, bows, and glittery things! I was in Heaven! Thanks so much everybody!

"Queen Bee" :) LOVED this! Thanks Meli Beli!
Berks also got TONS of books. They were all PRINCESS themed! Adorable! Thanks Jana!
Isn't this mannequin cute!? Thanks Dawnie:)
It's tutu time! Berkley seriously will need to sleep in these things to get through them all:) What can I say? I LOVE tutus!! Great taste Bernie - thank you!

Here is Marlee - our youngest party guest. She is my friend Jaci's little girl - 3 months old. Isn't she adorable!? I just love all that hair! Perfect for bows!! :) She has one in - you just can't see it in the pic.
Meli, me, Lori, & Jaci:)
Same group, just a different location. We were trying to figure out the lighting...
Thanks so much for everyone that came today. I tried to keep this shower small since it was for #2 - but it still was a great turnout. I had a GREAT time and feel incredibly blessed. Berkley is one LOVED little girl already! I can't wait for you all to meet her in just 7 weeks! xoxo

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