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Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Beach House

My aunt & uncle rented a beach house this past week. They were overly generous and invited all the extended family over. Luckily for us the house was only about .75 miles from our house so we rode a bike or walked over every day to lounge and enjoy a house on the beach front. Thanks for the hospitality and all the meals you gave us, Bee & Scott! We had a blast!
I was so busy enjoying the R & R, that I only got a few pix on the last day. My cousins Marissa (in from TX) and Natalie played with Cade on the swings at the park we walked to.

Here is part of the gang in the living room...Mimi & Marissa...
Nat, Mimi & Marissa...Cousin Tori, Mom & Nat...View from the living room.... does it get much better than that!?
Tori discovered that Cade loved the dog bed- ha!And also the foot massager - yep, we start pampering our children early:)And that's all folks. Like I said, I was way too busy lounging to bother getting the ole' camera out. Thanks again Daniels! You guys were, as always, extremely generous. xoxo

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