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Monday, May 31, 2010

35 Week Belly

And still growing...

Birthday Celebration!

32 years... wow, am I that old already!? So exciting to think this is my last birthday sans the Cade Man! Next yr we will have a family of '5' celebrating unlike this year's '4'.

Brad and I had Sprinkles cupcakes and Chewy and Penny had desserts from The Doggie Bakery:)

My singing crew...:)

Brad with his co-pilot driving the duffy...

Chewy and I just relaxing and enjoying the view!

Are these 2 spoiled or what!?

Brad hard at work....

Thanks for the GREAT birthday!! I wonder whose birthday we will celebrate next!?!!? Hmmm..? Get ready Cade, you're NEXT!! We cannot wait! Just 5 more weeks until we get to meet our precious little boy!! Keep 'cookin' away in my tummy. It will be here before we know it.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I Still Got It!

What a day today has been! I woke up CRAVING a nice run on the boardwalk - which I haven't done in a few months. I wasn't even sure I had a sports bra long enough to cover the bump! Once I hit the pavement it was like riding a bike, like I never even left, like long lost lovers being reunited. Ok,that was a bit much, but you get my point. I ran 4 miles and felt great! It didn't hurt that it was a gorgeous summer day packed with people! I worked up an appetite so then I headed to Cappy's for breakfast. I couldn't decide what to get - the waffle or the chicken fried steak - so I decided, "what the heck? Why not get BOTH!?" I polished off BOTH meals no problem! Ha ha

I then took the dogs on a 45 minute walk which included going to the beach. I still wasn't tired out so I decided to pamper myself and jog over to get a pedicure.
Then I topped off the morning (early afternoon) at the beach reading my book. I dug a hole in the sand for my belly and was able to lay on my stomach.... ahhhh, I havn't laid on my stomach for sooo long, pure Heaven! What a great day today has been!
Now it is time for a nap... nighty night!

Caught Red Handed!

Too funny... Brad came in to find me drinking pickle juice from the jar! Classic preggo move. Although I must admit I did this even pre-preggo!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

33 Week Belly

I love feeling Cade's kicks and pokes throughout my day and especially at night. It's like our own secret language between Mommy and Baby. Brad has own language too. He sings "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to Cade every night before bed. We are hoping Cade will recognize this outside of the womb:)

Almost a Mommy & Daddy!

Getting bigger... Brad and I at the Newport Harbor Yacht Club on Opening Day.

Our Babies

We got the stroller all ready for Cade's arrival, but we had to do a test run:) She doesn't look strapped in to me! Penny was a good sport! Does it get any cuter than this? Look at these 2 lovebugs:)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


A little over 2 years ago we became the Mr. & Mrs. Now will are becoming Mommy & Daddy!

Does it get any sweeter than this!? Best day of our lives so far! I have a feeling there is another 'best day' very soon!

I love you Bradley! Thanks for the best 2 yrs of my life. You are the best hubby anyone could ask for!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Who Would've Thought??

A little over 2 years ago, we were taking ENGAGEMENT pictures. We decided to hit the same spot for our MATERNITY pictures. It is so neat to see how our lives how changed. We have been truly blessed. We can't wait for our family to grow!

Engaged... Now pregnant....

Engaged... With child...

The next time you see pictures of us in this location, we will have a third party to show off! :)

Maternity Pictures

Last Saturday Brad and I had some Pre-Cade pictures taken. I can't wait to show him one day! He will see how happy we were that we were about to meet our little man in just 8 short weeks:)

My favorite....

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Labor & Delivery Scare

Whew... close call! I have been having back pain the past week that felt as though I got punched on my right backside. It seemed to get worse each passing day until I could not get up without help. Then Tuesday morning I felt & heard a pop and I couldn't move as pain was shooting up my back. I was home and I called the Dr. and he told me to come in immediately. My neighbor took me and Brad met us there from work. They hooked Cade and I up to many monitors and took good care of us. Luckily, it is nothing pregnancy related and Cade is doing just fine. In fact, he is more active than usual! Turns out I have 3 separate issues... low potassium in my blood, a urinary tract infection, and a pulled muscle or cracked rib. After 7 hrs we were released to go home. Although I had to go back the next day for more tests. I have been put on bed rest for a week.

Here you can see my 'wounds' where they took blood and gave me the IV. Notice Penny, my little helper, laid with me to make sure I was ok:)

Brad took this last night while I was asleep. I have been so nauseous from all the medication that I slept with an icepack on my head.

Whose Footsteps will Cade Follow In?

Now Cade has a shirt representing both Mommy AND Daddy! Thanks Sally for the "Future Running Buddy" Shirt! He will wear it when you and I go running again:) It is adorable and I LOVE it!

Mother's Day Gift From Cade

Brad... I mean Cade... gave me this for my Mother's Day gift. :)

Few More Shower Pix

Cade's Aunt Dana made sure Cade is ready to hit the waters! We are now ready to ride the Duffy or go sailing! Great gift Dana & cousin Skylar.... thank you so much!
I think my face says it all here... take a look at these mini-Vans! Cade will have the girls fighting over him with these kicks on:)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My 1st Mother's Day

My 1st Mother's Day was GREAT! Brad....(I mean Cade and the dogs - Penny & Chewy) got me 2 cards - 1 from Cade and 1 from the dogs:)!
Here is what Brad, I mean Cade, wrote to me: I also got a few gifts...
Cade bought me a shirt that he will wear that says "My Mom Is Hotter Than Your Mom"
and Chewy & Penny bought me a shirt that I will wear with their pictures on it.
Thanks Babe for making my first Mother's Day so memorable! I love you!