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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cade's New (I Mean Old) Toy

This was how I found Cade today....

... notice his feet propped up... this is his "recliner" I guess. He always seems to kick back and put his feet up - just like in his stroller:)

We have not put his bouncy seat away since Berkley is coming right behind Cade. Usually Cade pays no attention to it - other than to get around it when trying to get a ball. Today he decided to jump right in and reminisce his babyhood days. Either that or he wanted to test it and make sure it was A-OK for his little sister, Berks. Whatever the reason, it was pretty cute. I turned it on and he sat there for 10 minutes!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cade's 1st Swim Lesson!

Cade had his very 1st swim lesson today. They are at Newport Harbor High School - the same place Brad took them as a kid and at the very high school that Cade's grandpa Jake (Brad's dad) went to... so this was pretty special. Brad has been in this pool many times whether for HS water polo games, lifeguard certifications, or swim meets. It was really neat for Brad to be able to bring his little boy to his old stomping ground and introduce him to the water the same way he fell in love with it.
Here is Cade on the way!

Daddy showing Cade the big pool once we arrived!

Anxiously awaiting class to start...

Sunscreen applied and ready to jump in:)

Here I am.... the cheering section:)And here they go! Into the water everyone!

I think Cade had this whole thing planned. Of the 8 kids, he was the only boy. I think he was looking for a date:)

Daddy showing Cade how to blow bubbles...

Cade was very interested in the rubber duckies:)

Well, our 25 minutes is up! Now Mommy gets to give her baby a huge hug and tell him what a great job he did!

Isn't he such a stud!? Cade loves the water already. Probably because he is in it so much!

Good job Cade Kenny! And good job Daddy being Cade's partner in the pool. I love you boys so much and I will always be both of your #1 cheerleaders! xoxo

Miss Berkley @ 29 weeks in the Oven

Palm Springs

Spur of the moment Monday morning, we decided to head down to Palm Springs for a few nights. Within 1.5 hours, we booked the resort, boarded the dogs, packed the bags, and were on the road. Those are the best trips, don't ya think?
This was the first day before heading out to the pool... While I was getting ready for the pool, I found the Monkey like this:)

Ahhhh, relaxing poolside with my baby - I mean toddler:)

Daddy & Cade. Love the look on Cade's face!

Aww, there's that smile we love so much!

We decided to stay in the first night and bring a pizza back to the room. It is much easier than trying to eat at a restaurant.

Cade fell in love with TV (cartoons) for the 1st time....

We tried to go out to eat the next night, but it was a complete disaster. We thought we had outsmarted the system...I ordered first and was going to eat while Brad held/entertained Cade. Then Brad would order and I would do the entertaining. So we would do the split eating. Not ideal, but if it would keep everyone happy, we were game to try it. Well..... here is what happened: before my food came, Cade was screaming and upset that he couldn't play with the water glass. He then knocked the water all over me! I would've just left but I had already ordered. I was embarrassed to say the least. Brad stepped out with him. I sat alone. My food came, I shoveled it in as fast as possible, looking like a woman who hasn't eaten in days. I then signaled for Brad to come in and finish my plate while I go outside with Cade. Poor Brad never even got to order. Luckily the staff was super calm and nice. And yes, we tipped them generously. Of course, the minute we walked away from the restaurant, Cade turned back into the Angel he normally is. Either Cade was a HUGE handful and misbehaving, or I was expecting way too much out of a 1yr. old. I am guessing I was expecting too much for him to sit still that long.... especially without his toys to play with. Either way, I think we'll stick to room service and pizzas from now on:)

When we got back, we did a little bit of this:

We love you Palm Springs! Hope to see you again soon. It is the perfect set up for us and very kid friendly. Cade loved the kid-end of the pool and Brad loved the water slides:) As for me, I love the lounge chairs, and fruity drinks (yes, virgin for me, please:)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cade's 1 Yr. Pictures

It's hard to believe a year has gone by already! Here is our Little Man at 1 year..... :)

We just love his little smile and contagious laugh. As a lady at the mall said today, "He is such a little HAM!" Cade is such a happy baby and brings Brad & I so much joy. We love you monkey!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Berkley's 3D Ultrasound Photo Shoot

Cade got to see his little sister today.... we all did actually:) So without further adieu... here she is! Sweet little Miss Berkley... Here is Cade & daddy taking a peek at Berks. Too sweet:)

We think she looks a bit like Cade did at his 3D photo shoot. We will see come Oct. 6! Below is Cade's 3D pic (taken at 28 weeks as well) so you can compare for yourself. What do you think?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Random Thoughts

Poor Cade. He had his 1 yr. Doc appointment today which included FOUR shots:( For some reason, I was extremely nervous for this round of shots. It is never fun, but I have been able to manage in the past. Today was much different. I am guessing it is because Cade is older?? Whatever the reason, I stepped out to avoid witnessing it. Brad was the tough guy who stayed with Cade. Cade screamed so loud and for much longer than he has in the past. Even Brad cried watching Cade hurt. We are so glad it is over.

We also got Cade's 1 yr stats:

Length: 31 in (82%)

Weight: 20 lbs 11 oz (17.62%)

Berkley, on the other hand, has nothing to worry about. She is ready for any outfit with her bow collection:)

We went to San Onofre today and met The Hammonds for a few hours. We had such a great day. Brad even got to SUP (Stand Up Paddle), so he was pretty excited. He made it look so easy and we were very impressed watching from the sand.

Well, that's it for tonight. Hope everyone had a good Monday. Now, I'm off to watch The Bachelorette!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Orange County Fair

What a difference a year makes! We took Cade to the fair last year when he was only 2 weeks old. This year was much more fun. He was mesmerized by all the lights, colors, people, etc. He loved all the A.C.T.I.O.N!
Here he is watching a show with his daddy....
Before the show started, Cade put on a great pre-show. He was practicing his walking (he took 10 steps!) and waving to the crowd. Every time he would walk, everyone around us would clap for him. He would respond by clapping back at them. Next time, I will bring a hat to put down in front so we can make some money off our little boy and collect tips:) Let's just call him our little money maker:)

This was before we left. I guess you can call this Cade's "aww, c'mon mom ... no more pictures please" face.

Next stop, the animals...

Then it was on to rock out. Cade loves music and was dancing up a storm. I think he worked off all the funnel cake he ate:) I hope I worked mine off too by chasing after him:)

And who can leave the fair without a souvenir?? I think Cade thought this was a balloon. Good for us - it will last a lot longer!

These sure look like big dogs! Hee hee I would love to know what Cade was thinking when he saw the elephants.

I LOOOVE this picture b/c you can see Cade's adorable front teeth with the huge gap! Just like how I looked as a kid. It is so goofy, but I love it!!!! When he gets really excited he will give this big grin and show those top pearly whites! Precious!

This last pic has nothing to do with the fair. My friend from the gym, Becky, and I met for lunch today. Becky is due with a little boy 1 day before me. It was much more fun to meet over pizza, fries, and potatoes than it is to chat on treadmills! Our lunch date didn't end till dinnertime! We had a ton of catching up to do! Thanks for a fun day, Becks!