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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year! 2011!

What a difference a year makes. Last year I was preggo and we were in Vegas to ring in the New Year... this year we have a little munchkin and we are home updating the blog. Ha! And I wouldn't change it for anything in the world! Here are a few pix from our NYE...

Cade was in bed by 6:00pm....Chewy was ready to par-tay...As was Penny....The Mr. & Mrs...Goodbye 2010... Hello 2011!
We wish you all a happy & healthy 2011! xoxo

On It's Last Leg....

My old camera was on the blink, so most pictures were deleted. These pics were luckily saved....

Cade & I had a slumber party with my college roommates and their kids. Here is Lori's daughter, Skylee, and I competing to Wii Dance Party 2. And yes, in case you can't tell, she kicked ma' booty!

A pic upon arriving at the slumber party... all the kiddos welcoming Cade:)

Once Cade and I got home, I caught Daddy & Cade having some male bonding time....

R.I.P. Nikon Coolpix...

hello Canon Power Shot!

Our old camera has been on it's last leg for quite some time now. It finally took it's last breath today. And because we have little Cade Kendall, we couldn't go one day without a camera. So after a trip to Best Buy.... here is our new device to help make time stand still!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cade's 1st Very Merry Christmas

It was a very Merry Christmas indeed! In the morning as we were waiting for Brad to get up, Cade & I were playing.... all of a sudden Cade started sitting up on his own! He had never done that before! I think he was secretly waiting to show us on Christmas so it could be his gift to us:) Once Brad woke up, we showed him Cade's new trick and then it was onto the gifts! Cade loves his new chair from his uncle Chris, aunt Aimee, and cousin Brennan. Doesn't he look just like a little man in this picture?

Chewy & Penny got gifts too!

This was Cade's first gift. The Baby Einstein sign language DVD. He had fun trying to tear the wrapping paper. Then he kept putting it in his mouth:)

"Yay! I got all the paper off!"

Such a great helper!

A toy piano!

I think he likes it!

Brad & I kept saying it was so neat how the dogs sat with us the entire time. They must've known it was family time:)

Next gift... keep 'em coming...

Daddy was excited for this one!

This turned out to be Cade's favorite gift.

Here's the loot....

Cade loved to kick the penguin and watch him pop right back up. You'll see a video if you keep scrolling down!

He got this cool walker too! Santa brought it for him:)

After we were done with Christmas at our house, we headed over to Brent & Dana's house to do gifts with the kiddos - Skylar & Will - Cade's cousins.

Here's Skylar! Cade is opening one of her gifts... thanks Sky & Will!

Then, we headed over to the beach house - Brad's Grandma's house.

Nice view, eh? It was a bit cold, so we weren't outside for too long.

Merry 1st Christmas, Baby! You are the best gift your daddy & I could ever receive!

Sofia & Cade were both in their Christmas outfits. They looked so cute! Unfortunately, we couldn't get a great picture, but these will have to do.

Grammer & Cade... this ball she gave was a big hit with Cade.

Cade loves his Grammer! He kept smiling at her and wouldn't take his eyes off of her.

We had such a long day that the poor little guy fell asleep on Daddy before the party was even over.

Cheese! Cade was still asleep but we still snuck in a picture with G-G-Ma!
And last, but not least.... here you can see Cade in action with his favorite toy.

Merry 1st Christmas, my Love! We hope you had a great day! Mommy & Daddy love you more than we could have thought possible. Thank you for being our son.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve - Part 2

Ok, let me start by showing you the major plumbing issue I spoke about in the last post. This pipe is split all the way down. We have many plumbing issues, but this was the first - the major one.On to lighter, more fun things..... here is Daddy & Cade in front of church tonight. Cade is decked out in his Christmas outfit - and so is Daddy.The Jacobsen trio...This was taken in our seats as we were waiting for church to begin. I was proud of us for arriving early and getting good seats:) Do you see a resemblance in my two boys? Twins, huh? :)I think I was just the incubator! Hee heeI tried taking this myself... barely got The Cade Man in the shot!After church we went to dinner at Harborside - where Brad & I got married. The picture didn't turn out too well, but the Christmas lights on the boats and houses reflected off of the water. It was gorgeous! We are hoping to make this a tradition. We will see.... it wasn't as 'kid-friendly' as we thought it would be.Brad was ready to tear into his lobster tail:)By the time we got home around 7pm, the Little Man was pooped. We had a long day! Running, shopping, church, then dinner.Best/funniest part of the day - I asked Brad to get Cade ready for bed. This was the end result: In case you are wondering.... check out where Santa is located!! Ha ha! I was laughing and Brad didn't understand what was so funny. He said, "why is it so funny? Just because I pulled his pants up so high?"
Me - laughing even harder, "no, because Santa is supposed to be on his booty!"

Brad had no clue he put Cade's pants on backwards! Gotta love Daddy's! God bless them!