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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Trip to LA

Cade & I took a trip to LA today to visit my cousin Natalie. Nat has an apartment with 3 girlfriends in a very fun area. We picked up my other cousin Tori on the way. Once we got to Nat we decided to head 5 miles down to 3rd Street Promenade. Although it was chilly we had a very fun time. First stop: lunch at CPK. My Little Love:)
Someone got a little camera shy.

After we filled our bellies, we hoped to fill our shopping bags. Along the way we were entertained by the crazy - I mean interesting - street performers. Here is a group of 'musicians' that walked up and down the street chanting. Not sure what that was all about... but strange to say the least.

This guy could balance plates on his head...

This guy made money posing with people for pictures.... oh wait! He's not a street performer.... that's Cade Kendall! hee hee

Look at this cute girl! Say 'Cheese', Tori!

One of us scored in the shoppinmg department. Nat Nat got a couple cute things. Love the smile on her face when she walked out of the store!

After I dropped the cousins off at home, I picked Brad up at his buddy Arn's house. Brad was enjoying his 'hall pass' today and having beers with his boy. We didn't leave right away though.... Arn BBQ'd a great dinner for us. Here is Cade with 'uncle Arn':
Whew... such a long day Cade & I had today. We were both pooped when we got home. Cade fell right to sleep in his daddy's arms.
Cade is very much a daddy's boy. When Cade sees his daddy, the BIGGEST smile spreads across his face. Brad can also get him to giggle like no one else. I love watching these 2 interact.
Cade was pretty fussy all day today due to his teeth.... yet the minute we walked into Arn'shouse and Brad picked up his little boy, all was right with Cade. I was amazed (and the ego a bit hurt:).... all it took was his daddy's arms to make him feel better. Cade is so lucky to have such a great daddy. Brad is extremely involved and very hands-on. I am truly blessed to have such a great husband and such a wonderful daddy to Cade. We love you Babe.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Look Who's Here to Say Hi!

We went over to Mimi & Poppy's (my parents) house today. Cade wanted to show off his new teeth - yep, there's TWO now! - and his 'pre-crawling' skills. He is SO CLOSE to crawling. He does a few really good trys and then he stops for a break:)

Here is Poppy getting ready to toss Cade in the air. Then they took a minute to check themselves out in the mirror:) Cade always smiles at himself when he catches his reflection.

Cade with his Mimi & Poppy....
3 generations.....

Dad liked it when Cade wore his "hoodie" :)
We had a great time hanging out. Unfortunately, the Little Monkey was upset because his new tooth was hurting him. Poor guy:( Love you Mom & Dad. So glad you live close enough so that we can pop in:)

Bringing Date Night Back!

Brad & I have rekindled a 'love'..... a 'love' we thought was gone forever. Don't worry..... it's nothing serious.
Pre-Cade, we used to go to Chronic Cantina every Friday night for 'date night'. We hardly ever - if ever- missed a Friday. We became friends with our server (Ashley to be exact). We weren't even handed menus.... she knew our orders by heart. Well, I always had the same thing (my beloved chicken fajitas - no rice, no beans, no tortillas, just a bowl of lettuce and pico de gallo) and Brad would choose 1 of 3 items. Yep, we were 'regulars' and we weren't afraid to admit it.
Then. one sad day we learned that Chronic would be closing. They had been given a buy out offer that they just couldn't refuse. We have been searching for a new weekly hot spot, but nothing comes close.
A few months ago, while driving out to my parents' house in Rancho Cucamonga, I spotted a Chronic Cantina on the 91 fwy. I couldn't believe my eyes! We have been dying to try it out, but every time we are out that way we are usually on our way to eat at my parents' house, so it is bad timing. Well..... today was THE DAY! We went in! I was a bit skeptical - thinking it wouldn't 'be the same'. Boy was I wrong! It was EXACTLY the way I remembered it tasting. The only thing missing was our Ashley. B & I are in love... again! We won't be going back weekly since it is 40 minutes away, but I can guarantee we will be back soon!

I know it looks empty, but it wasn't. Not too crowded at 1130am but there were people there... I promise:)

Ahhhhh, the chips and salsa even smelled the same. I normally don't eat salsa (I know, I know)but I LOVE their salsa!
We were very excited to "Chronitize" Cade:) He is now a member of the club:)

We love you Chronic. Oh, how we have missed you. So glad we have rekindled our romance:)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Snaggle Tooth

Attention Ladies & Gentlemen.... we now have a BIG BOY on our hands.
Yep, it's true. Our little boy has a new tooth - his 1st tooth - on it's way! Poor little guy was crying so hard this morning for "no apparent reason". I swiped my finger across his gums and lo-and-behold... I felt something rough. I couldn't believe it.
I must say it is bittersweet because I absolutely LOVE the gummy grin. And because this is one more sign that our little boy is now becoming a big boy.
*Note to self: get used to it. How will you deal when he goes off to school?
Cade, or as Brad now calls him, SNAGGLE TOOTH, has been a trooper today. As long as we buy stock in Baby Orajel, we are in the clear.
It is hard to see the 'pearly white' in this photo because of all of the glare (and the fact that it is barely popping through). but look on the bottom right on the picture (which makes it on Cade's bottom left side). Please look at the tooth only.... and not the boogies that are trying to dominate the picture! haha :)
We love you Kenny! Snaggle tooth and all... :) Please promise you will always be my little boy, even when you are 30!

Hot Date!

Cade had a date today.... don't worry, it was chaperoned:)
We met DJ, her mommy Tammy, and Shannon at The District for lunch and some shopping. We had a great time catching up.
Here are the kiddos... DJ is 2 months older than Cade. My lil' boyfriend and I:)The whole gang....

Thanks for a fun day girls! xoxo

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Family Funday

What an eventful day we had! We 3 Jacobsens woke pretty early and decided to go for a run together. We came home, showered, and were off to church. Next up? A visit from Mimi & Poppy. Poppy had been out of town and missed his Cade Kendall - so they came over for a bit. They headed over to meet baby Nash after they left our house:)

Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of Poppy (my dad). But I DID get one of these 2! Two peas in a pod.... :)
Next on the agenda? Sofia's 1st birthday party! Here is the birthday girl. Don't you just love her 'party girl dress'!? She looked so darn adorable:)
The cousins had a blast playing together.... here are a few.... Sofia, Kate, & Cade. And there's Grammer in the back:)
Who is this big boy... and what did they do with my baby?

First came marriage....

Then came a baby in the baby carriage:)

As you can see, Cade loved GG Ma's pearls.... or "marbles" as Brad called them.

My twins....
Happy Birthday Baby Sofia! Thank you for inviting us to your fun party. The Taco Man was a hit! And so very delish! We are so glad we were able to celebrate with you. We love you!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Welcome Nash Harrison!

Cade's cousin is here.... and we couldn't be more excited! Technically, Nash & Cade are second cousins (Nash's mommy, Steph, and I are cousins) - but the boys will be so close that "second cousins" just doesn't sound close enough.

Nash was born on Wednesday, February 9th (exactly 7 months after Cade - to the day!) weighing in at 7 lbs, 6 oz. Nash was 20 inches long. He is beautiful! Below you can see the boys' first time meeting.... Cade looks like such a moose next to Nash. Hard to believe Cade was that little just 7 months ago. It is crazy how fast they grow/change in the first year.

Welcome Nash Harrison! We love you so much! You are such a cutie. Your Daddy will have soccer cleats on you before you know it:) So get ready!

We Got a New Pet!

We got a new pet today! He was the cutest, most adorable pet in the store! I just couldn't resist.... I would like to be the first to introduce you to our........NEW FROGGY! Don't you just love him!? Oddly enough, his favorite toy is not what you'd expect. The hairbrush you see below seems to be his current favorite toy. Good thing I spent some serious moola at Target on a bunch of toys that sing, light up, talk, etc. :) Needless to say - our boy is not high maintenance:)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentine

My Valentine made me feel so special, as always. I woke to these:And also to these:
My 2 cards from my boys brought tears to my eyes. One from Brad and one from Cade. The words on those cards meant the world to me. I am truly blessed to have these 2 boys in my life. I could go on and on about what I love about my husband.... the thing that stands out in my mind is how much I love that we can be so goofy with each other. We 'get each other'... quirks and all. I also LOVE watching Brad be a daddy to our son. Brad is an amazing father. I could sit back and watch him interact with Cade all day long. Please don't wake me up.... I never want this dream to end. Happy Valentines Day.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Math Counts

Brad started a competitive math team at our school. We competed this past Saturday in a competition called Math Counts. He asked me to be his co-coach. So, together we recruited students, registered for the competition, provided study materials, and became organized. We did not even find out about this competition until 1 month before - so we were not nearly as prepared as many other teams. We figured we would use this year to get our feet wet and then dive in head first next year.

Here is the team..... we didn't score too well, but we sure looked the best:) Our school paid for our matching shirts. Can you see our mascot on the far left?:)

Clever name, huh? Brad came up with it. He says, "it is because we are not square." :)

This is where the competition was held:

Here is the coach, addressing the team:

Here is the mascot, looking cute and cheering on the students.

The 1st test is about to begin. This is the 1st half of our team...

and this is the other half...
There was about 160 students total, from 30 different schools in Orange County.
The mascot was showing off his sitting skills as we were hearing the rules.

Too funny.... Cade grabbed the pencil and eraser off of the table. I think he thought that HE was competing!
Group photo! The coaches and students. We are missing our mascot in this shot:( My mom picked him up to hang out with him for a few hours.
The final round was incredible! The top 12 students competed in front of everyone up on stage. They would ring the bell (to show they had the answer) before I could even finish reading the question! And these were VERY hard questions that would take me a while to solve. It is unbelievable how smart these students were!

Lunch & A New Trick

Cade & I met 2 of my girlfriends today for lunch. Lisa - who left her 2 boys at home - and Melissa - with daughter Brynn and baby Molly who is in her tummy. We had a fun time chit chatting and catching up. What can I say? It was a hat day:)

Before leaving for lunch, the Little Man showed us a new trick. :)
It was so warm today.... makes me want summer to hurry and get here. Maybe if we wear tanktops and shorts, it will get the hint and stay warm:)