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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Look Who's Here to Say Hi!

We went over to Mimi & Poppy's (my parents) house today. Cade wanted to show off his new teeth - yep, there's TWO now! - and his 'pre-crawling' skills. He is SO CLOSE to crawling. He does a few really good trys and then he stops for a break:)

Here is Poppy getting ready to toss Cade in the air. Then they took a minute to check themselves out in the mirror:) Cade always smiles at himself when he catches his reflection.

Cade with his Mimi & Poppy....
3 generations.....

Dad liked it when Cade wore his "hoodie" :)
We had a great time hanging out. Unfortunately, the Little Monkey was upset because his new tooth was hurting him. Poor guy:( Love you Mom & Dad. So glad you live close enough so that we can pop in:)

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