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Monday, February 21, 2011

Snaggle Tooth

Attention Ladies & Gentlemen.... we now have a BIG BOY on our hands.
Yep, it's true. Our little boy has a new tooth - his 1st tooth - on it's way! Poor little guy was crying so hard this morning for "no apparent reason". I swiped my finger across his gums and lo-and-behold... I felt something rough. I couldn't believe it.
I must say it is bittersweet because I absolutely LOVE the gummy grin. And because this is one more sign that our little boy is now becoming a big boy.
*Note to self: get used to it. How will you deal when he goes off to school?
Cade, or as Brad now calls him, SNAGGLE TOOTH, has been a trooper today. As long as we buy stock in Baby Orajel, we are in the clear.
It is hard to see the 'pearly white' in this photo because of all of the glare (and the fact that it is barely popping through). but look on the bottom right on the picture (which makes it on Cade's bottom left side). Please look at the tooth only.... and not the boogies that are trying to dominate the picture! haha :)
We love you Kenny! Snaggle tooth and all... :) Please promise you will always be my little boy, even when you are 30!

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