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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Math Counts

Brad started a competitive math team at our school. We competed this past Saturday in a competition called Math Counts. He asked me to be his co-coach. So, together we recruited students, registered for the competition, provided study materials, and became organized. We did not even find out about this competition until 1 month before - so we were not nearly as prepared as many other teams. We figured we would use this year to get our feet wet and then dive in head first next year.

Here is the team..... we didn't score too well, but we sure looked the best:) Our school paid for our matching shirts. Can you see our mascot on the far left?:)

Clever name, huh? Brad came up with it. He says, "it is because we are not square." :)

This is where the competition was held:

Here is the coach, addressing the team:

Here is the mascot, looking cute and cheering on the students.

The 1st test is about to begin. This is the 1st half of our team...

and this is the other half...
There was about 160 students total, from 30 different schools in Orange County.
The mascot was showing off his sitting skills as we were hearing the rules.

Too funny.... Cade grabbed the pencil and eraser off of the table. I think he thought that HE was competing!
Group photo! The coaches and students. We are missing our mascot in this shot:( My mom picked him up to hang out with him for a few hours.
The final round was incredible! The top 12 students competed in front of everyone up on stage. They would ring the bell (to show they had the answer) before I could even finish reading the question! And these were VERY hard questions that would take me a while to solve. It is unbelievable how smart these students were!

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  1. This looks so fun! I have to admit... I was the Math Counts captain back in 8th grade! haha Not many people know that. :) lol