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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Trip to LA

Cade & I took a trip to LA today to visit my cousin Natalie. Nat has an apartment with 3 girlfriends in a very fun area. We picked up my other cousin Tori on the way. Once we got to Nat we decided to head 5 miles down to 3rd Street Promenade. Although it was chilly we had a very fun time. First stop: lunch at CPK. My Little Love:)
Someone got a little camera shy.

After we filled our bellies, we hoped to fill our shopping bags. Along the way we were entertained by the crazy - I mean interesting - street performers. Here is a group of 'musicians' that walked up and down the street chanting. Not sure what that was all about... but strange to say the least.

This guy could balance plates on his head...

This guy made money posing with people for pictures.... oh wait! He's not a street performer.... that's Cade Kendall! hee hee

Look at this cute girl! Say 'Cheese', Tori!

One of us scored in the shoppinmg department. Nat Nat got a couple cute things. Love the smile on her face when she walked out of the store!

After I dropped the cousins off at home, I picked Brad up at his buddy Arn's house. Brad was enjoying his 'hall pass' today and having beers with his boy. We didn't leave right away though.... Arn BBQ'd a great dinner for us. Here is Cade with 'uncle Arn':
Whew... such a long day Cade & I had today. We were both pooped when we got home. Cade fell right to sleep in his daddy's arms.
Cade is very much a daddy's boy. When Cade sees his daddy, the BIGGEST smile spreads across his face. Brad can also get him to giggle like no one else. I love watching these 2 interact.
Cade was pretty fussy all day today due to his teeth.... yet the minute we walked into Arn'shouse and Brad picked up his little boy, all was right with Cade. I was amazed (and the ego a bit hurt:).... all it took was his daddy's arms to make him feel better. Cade is so lucky to have such a great daddy. Brad is extremely involved and very hands-on. I am truly blessed to have such a great husband and such a wonderful daddy to Cade. We love you Babe.

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