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Monday, April 26, 2010

Showered With LOVE - Shower #1

My mom hosted a shower for me on Saturday. Cade got spoiled with lots of gifts. The hit was all of the surf related items, clothes, etc. But here is the BEST PART..... Katie, my best friend who lives in Oregon, flew down and SURPRISED ME!!! When I opened the door, I stared at her in shock...then I grabbed her and hugged her for dear life, and then lost it and sobbed like a baby. Thanks for being more than a best friend, Kate... you are like a sister. We have truly been through everything together and I love you for it:) I will never forget this day!

Thanks to Mom as well for putting on such a nice shower. I appreciate all of your hard work. I love you!

Here is Kate and me:)
Mom (the Hostest with the Mostest) and me...

Me, Lisa & Melissa... love these girls!

Gotta love this surfer outfit...

My Bestest again...:)

I just love the teeny tiny shoes:)

Here is my twin, Jana :) She is due with her son in just 4 weeks! She is 6 weeks ahead of me.

Rhonda was in the pregnancy club too...until 3 months ago when she had Baby Ryan!

Here are the work ladies... thanks for coming, girls!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Letter From Daddy

Lil Braddah,

We saw you yesterday in your Mommy's belly. You are becoming such a big boy. We can't wait to meet you for real. Mommy and I talk to you all the time. Do you hear us? As much as I want to see you, I love to see your Mommy with you in her Belly. It is the greatest thing I have ever seen. Michelle is such a beautiful woman, but with you in her belly, she is indescribable. Do you want to be a surfer? A golfer? An artist? What ever you want to do your Mommy & Daddy will help you do it. We love you so much already. Please have a peaceful last two months in the belly so Mama does not have too hard a time. Your and my job is to make her life as easy as possible. When you come, be ready to be my Lil Braddah and your Mommy's best little man.

Love, Your Daddy

Letter From Mommy

Hi My Big Boy!

I was so excited to see your adorable face yesterday at our 3D ultrasound. You are such a big boy now! I fell in love with your chubby little cheeks:) Just like you always do, you rubbed your little eye to show us how tired you are from all that hard work you are doing while trying to grow. You also kept moving your lips... it looked like you were trying to eat. Good thing Daddy, Grammer, Mimi, Poppy, and I went to lunch afterwards to feed you.
So far people seem to think you look like Daddy. I sure hope so... daddy was (and still is) a handsome guy. No matter who you look like, one thing is for sure - you are one handsome little man! Your daddy and I love you to pieces! We cannot believe we will meet you in only 11 short weeks!
Daddy and I have just about finished your room. Chewy and Penny are very curious about all the changes going on. They are curious who/what is going in that room. They are going to be your little furry friends.
One thing I know, is that you love music! At church this morning, you were dancing around during the singing.
Stay cozy and safe, Cade. Daddy says you are 'cooking up real well'! We cannot wait to meet our precious angel boy. Once you are here our family of 5 (don't forget your furry friends) will be complete!
I love you SO MUCH!

Eatin' Like A King

Cade is going ot be eating in style in his new highchair cover... I just cannot wait to see the little peanut sitting in this thing! Only 11 weeks to go!

29 Weeks

I mean seriously.. how much bigger can I really get?... I am scared to find out! :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Here HE is!!! Our Little Man in 3D...

We took the grandparents to see their grandson this morning... Cade was backwards at first but then after a pep talk from his daddy, he turned around so we could see his adorable little face. Here is our acrobat... poor guy is so squished that his foot is cramping his style.
In true Cade fashion, we caught him rubbing his eye when he was supposed to be 'working' today:) In every ultrasound we have had, he is ALWAYS rubbing hie eye. I think he is telling me to slow down and rest.:)

Monday, April 12, 2010

One More!

I just couldn't resist posting this picture of Brennan and me. He is my little buddy and I love him so much! Isn't this pic priceless!?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mr. B is a Big Boy!

I went to Texas for a few days to visit Chris, Aimee, and of course Brennan aka "Mr. B". We had a blast together! My favorite is when Brennan drops something and says, "uh-oh!".... it is the cutest thing ever!

He was also very helpful in reminding me when I did something wrong. For example, I was putting sunscreen on him before we went out to play and he made sure to let me know that I forgot to lotion his ears. So cute!
Here we are at the Fort Worth Zoo. What fun! The monkeys were my favorite!Here we are on the train... Mr. B and I are making the cho0-choo noise:) I miss him already! I told him that next time I see him he will also have a little cousin!:) Brennan will be able to show Cade the ropes:) Thanks for a great trip Chris, Aimee, Brennan & Scout! xoxo

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Who Will Cade Look Like??

Here is a picture of me, Cade's Mommy....And one more of me...
And here is Brad, Cade's Daddy...

And one more of Brad...

What do you think? Who will our little boy resemble? Or will it be a mix of the two of us!?!? Only 3 months until we get to find out!

Practice Makes Perfect

I sat down on Cade's rocking chair for a minute and Chewy jumped up... shortly after Penny wanted up too. I need an extra arm soon to hold Cade too!

LIGHTS, Camera, Action!

Here is Cade's new lamp... I couldn't resist:)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bye Bye Cabo!

This is my 'bed' where I spent most mornings reading my book while Brad was still snoozing. I had to get up early to claim one of these prized possessions. View from the resort's restaurant...
Two last pix of the beach...

Bye Cabo... we miss you already! Get ready for our Little Monkey next time you see us!

End of The Babymoon

Not until just now did I realize the mariachi guy behind us in this picture! Too funny! We had a song dedicated to our little Cade Man. This is our favorite restaurant, Alexander's, and where we ate EVERY night! What can I say?... we are creatures of habit. We know what we like. Their french onion soup and caesar salads are our favorite. And we crave the shrimp and lobster...yum! Brad is trying to muster up the courage for a cocktail.

Yep, he went for it! Now he is in the conga line at The Gigglin' Marlin.

Yep, back at our nightly restaurant! Our last night.. so sad! Next time we are here, there will be 3 in our family!

Friday, April 2, 2010

One Last Lunch in Paradise

Brad posing inside The Shrimp Factory... Outside of The Shrimp Factory...

Brad wants to drive our duffy over here... ha ha!
These poor guys - they don't know what's comin'! And then Brad had to torture them in their last few hrs. He kept poking the poor things.

Couldn't pass up a pic of this view. We were at a little bar so Bradley could wet his whistle:)

Our Home Away From Home

Just a few pix of our 'casa'....