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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Letter From Daddy

Lil Braddah,

We saw you yesterday in your Mommy's belly. You are becoming such a big boy. We can't wait to meet you for real. Mommy and I talk to you all the time. Do you hear us? As much as I want to see you, I love to see your Mommy with you in her Belly. It is the greatest thing I have ever seen. Michelle is such a beautiful woman, but with you in her belly, she is indescribable. Do you want to be a surfer? A golfer? An artist? What ever you want to do your Mommy & Daddy will help you do it. We love you so much already. Please have a peaceful last two months in the belly so Mama does not have too hard a time. Your and my job is to make her life as easy as possible. When you come, be ready to be my Lil Braddah and your Mommy's best little man.

Love, Your Daddy

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