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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mr. B is a Big Boy!

I went to Texas for a few days to visit Chris, Aimee, and of course Brennan aka "Mr. B". We had a blast together! My favorite is when Brennan drops something and says, "uh-oh!".... it is the cutest thing ever!

He was also very helpful in reminding me when I did something wrong. For example, I was putting sunscreen on him before we went out to play and he made sure to let me know that I forgot to lotion his ears. So cute!
Here we are at the Fort Worth Zoo. What fun! The monkeys were my favorite!Here we are on the train... Mr. B and I are making the cho0-choo noise:) I miss him already! I told him that next time I see him he will also have a little cousin!:) Brennan will be able to show Cade the ropes:) Thanks for a great trip Chris, Aimee, Brennan & Scout! xoxo

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