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Thursday, September 29, 2011


Well, we have started the "terrible two's" at 14.5 months.
Cade has begun to show us his temper tantrums.
As if this wasn't 'fun' enough, he took it up a notch the other night. Are you ready for this??.....

Brad was feeding him some ice cream which was going along just great. After a few minutes though, Cade decided he wanted to feed himself. When Brad would not hand over the cup to our "Top Dog", he decided to throw himself on the floor and then continue to bang his head on the hardwood.

We were both shocked! Of course we ran over and picked him up before he could hurt himself. Then we just stared at each other thinking, "isn't this a bit young to already try and manipulate us like this? Where the heck did he learn this!?"

Oh, my sweet boy.... you love to keep us on our toes! We love you more than life itself!

Monday, September 26, 2011

9 Days Till We Get To Hold Our Little Girl!

We are now in the SINGLE DIGITS!! In just 9 short (hopefully 'short' :) days, Brad & I will get to lay eyes on our second pride & joy, Berkley. We cannot wait! I am equally excited for Cade to meet his brand new sister. What an exciting day for our family. I pray that all goes well.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Angel Game Date Day

My aunt Beth (or "Bee" as I call her) offered to watch Cade over night. This was perfect b/c Brad & I had tickets for the Angel game. We planned on taking Cade, which meant we would probably only last about an hour. But when Bee offered to take Cade, we thought this would be a perfect opportunity for Brad & I to have a fun date! So we dropped Cade off and off we went. We were more than excited to have a date with just 'us'.
Here we are upon arriving at the game....

The view from our seats....

Our walk through the parking lot on our way back to the car...
Proof that Berkley was with this.... :)
Thanks Bee & Scott (and my cousins Nat & Blake) for watching Cade. Being that I am 9 months preggo (and feeling like I am 19 months!) it was such a nice, relaxing break. It was strange to actually sit for 2 hrs straight without having to get up and chase Mr. Cade:) Today was such a TREAT! We love you... and so does Caders!!

We Made The Front Page of the Paper!

Check us out! We made the Newport Beach paper.... The Daily Pilot! Front page baby! Click HERE for the link. They have the wrong caption online, but the actual paper has it correct. 3 generations of Jacobsens:) Grammer was riding on the carousel (at the Balboa Fun Zone 75th Anniversary Celebration) while Brad, Cade, & I watched and waved.
Here is the pic in case you don't want to click on the link:

This marks Cade's second time being in the paper! Berkley has a lot to live up to in order to keep up with her big, famous brother:) Just kidding...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Balboa Fun Zone - Celebrating 75 Yrs

Cade was a lucky boy today! He got to spend time with BOTH of his grandmas at the same time! The Balboa Fun Zone (right where Brad & I were married) had a 75 year celebration today. They had 5 cent carousel rides and 50 cent cotton candy. Cotton candy is my latest craving, so lucky for me that is was next-to-free!
We had a great day with Mimi & Grammer. Here is the downside to this event though..... the carousel that has been there for 75 yrs is closing on Monday... for good. Luckily, the ferris wheel will still be there, but no more carousel. It's lease is up and it is time to say good bye. So sad since it is such a tourist spot.

The 5 of us met at Grammer's house on Balboa Island and took the ferry over to the Fun Zone. Here we are!

Here is a shot of what we saw when we got off the ferry. Cade flipped when he saw all the balloons! Brad had to go find him one... QUICK! :)
Cade & Mimi waiting patiently for a ride on the famous carousel.
Cade getting his balloon! Yippee! What more can a boy want!?
Jacobsen family shot just before the carousel starts! Boy, that thing was so fast! I thought it might make Berkley arrive early:)

Next, we had to hit up the yummy food. Popcorn, check, Shave Ice, check, cotton candy, check.
Grammer was the brave one of the group. She rode the ferris wheel all by herself! Well, not exactly by herself.... she had a stranger sit with her....

Poor Brad had to carry Cade back to the car. My stash of cotton candy needed to use the stroller. Yep, at 50 cents a pop, I stocked up:) Hey, don't blame me... Doc said I needed to fatten up! Hee hee! And for those of you that are trying to count... I got 4 bags. And yes, you mathematicians, that comes to $2!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Such a Tease - Drama Queen Even In The Womb

I had a Doc appt yesterday as part of my weekly check ups for Berks. All was well except the Doc was a bit concerned because:
- I am 37 weeks and have only gained 13 lbs
- My belly measured a bit small
Doc thought Berkley might be small and possibly wasn't getting enough nutrients.
Soooo, she scheduled me for an ultrasound in the radiology dept this morning. She said that if the ultrasound does in fact prove that she is small, they will move my csection up and deliver her early so that we can breastfeed/bottle feed her to plump her up and get some weight on those bones.
I left the Doc with a skip in my step, thinking that we might get to meet our girl sooner than we had thought. Being that she would only be 3 weeks early I wasn't worried that it was too soon for her to be delivered. Until that is... I called Brad to tell him the news. He reacted much different. He was immediately concerned.... this caused my happy dance to turn into a very nervous walk. I didn't even sleep much last night because it was on my mind.

Well... turns out, all is well with The Berkster! She weighed in at 6 lbs, 9 oz! I don't know where she puts all those burgers & fries I feed her every day:)

So while I still have to wait 2 weeks (exactly) to meet our little drama queen, at least I can rest easy knowing she is growing just fine and I my friends won't have much weight to shed:) Lucky for Brad.... I mean... lucky for me:)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Disneyland - Party of 3 Please

Being that Berks will be here in 2 weeks, we decided to take Cade to Disneyland yesterday. It very well might be his last trip as an only child:) He was very excited to ride the carousel!
Waiting for the parade....

And that was it! 2 rides plus the parade - a quick, 3 hour trip. It was hot and someone was slowing us down & acting like she was preggo or something making us stop at all the concession stands:)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cade's 1st Shiner & My Social Butterfly

Cade came home from daycare with his very 1st shiner on Thursday. Poor guy. He was running and ran right into something.
It looked much worse initially. but I forgot to take a pic until this morning. Here it looks much better. My poor monkey:(
Moving on.... have I told you we got a new pet? Yep, we got a new butterfly.... a social butterfly that is! I thought I was social, but this guy puts me to shame! We go on walks and he waves to E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E.! Even cars that drive by. And then when they pass us, he waves 'bye bye'. He might look like his daddy, but he sure has mommy's personality. We just love our little friendly boy:)

Friday, September 16, 2011

19 Days & Counting... Till Berks' Arrival

Yep, we are now in the 'teens'..... just sayin:)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cade's 1st Trip to Chuck E Cheese

On a whim we decided to take Cade to Chuck E Cheese today. Brad & I secretly love the place:) We used to go by ourselves to play skee ball, basketball, etc. Now we have an excuse to go - Cade! He loved it as much as we do:) The bright lights, bells, rides, balls, entertainment, etc were very exciting for him. His favorite part was the Chuck E show! We took him up front by the stage and danced to the music. He had a B.A.L.L.!! Speaking of balls, he loved all the balls too. He played basketball games & football games with his daddy. Oh, and did I mention the balloons?? This boy absolutely LOVES balloons. He never misses one... anywhere we go.... if we pass a balloon, I guarantee you, he will spot it. He never misses a balloon:)

36 Weeks

Happy 7th Birthday Will -y Wonka!

Here is the birthday boy, above. We went to Ruby's for dinner to celebrate our nephew, Will's big day!
Below are 2 of the party animals:)
And there's Grammer!
Random shot...
Mom & Dad of the birthday boy (Brad's brother Brent & his wife Dana).... love them!
Skylar (sis of the birthday boy) & some friends...
Here comes the cake!
Make a wish, Willy Wonka!The party animals again... just before we headed home. You can see me in the window, taking the pic:) That's all you get of me from the night. I guess I was having a bad hair day and was camera shy...hee hee.
Happy Birthday Will! We love you!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Works Like Magic

If I had to pick one word to describe Cade lately it would be - PARTICULAR. The boy knows what he wants and he makes his best effort to make sure he gets it. What can I say? He is like his momma:)
Lately he has been refusing to eat. UNLESS...... this guy is turned on!
My mom bought him this singing/dancing dog for Valentine's Day and Cade absolutely loves it. When he hears it, he will literally stop whatever he is doing, look to see the dog, and then break out in dance. It is the cutest thing. Only problem is, the dog is now permanently stationed on our kitchen table. We use it to get Cade to eat. When Brad or I try to feed him he will shake his head no and point to the dog. Once we push 'play' the Little Monkey starts grooving in his highchair and opens his mouth so we can shovel his food in.
Funny how he already knows how to manipulate us to get what he wants:) I must admit, it makes us crack up every time:)
Mom, you'll never know how much this dog helps at dinnertime - thank you!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

35 Weeks

Pete & Repeat

Cade & his cousin Nash...

Nash's mom Steph & I are cousins. We were super close growing up and even though we lived in different states, we spent every summer together. 1 month at my house in Texas and 1 month at her house in Arizona. Yep, 2 months together every summer. We loved it!

We were 3 years apart, but our boys are much closer in age. They are 7 months apart to the day! I have a feeling these 2 are going to pay us back for all the trouble we caused our moms growing up:) I love getting the boys together. Here comes trouble!! :)

Perks of Working Part Time

Now that I am only working part time this year, I am excited to get more time with the munchkins. Cade & I are taking advantage of this next month where we get one-on-one time before Berkley arrives and joins the party. I am loving our daily dates:) I truly cherish this special mommy & son time.
Today we walked down to the community pool and swam for about 30 minutes. It was 85 degrees in the house (we have no air living by the beach) so it felt great to cool down. Our our way back we stopped at the park for some play time. See for yourself..... do you think Cade had fun on our date!?

We then came home where I gave Cade a bath and we had some ice cream. What do you think of his post bath, messy 'do?? :)I just love my lil' boyfriend to pieces!! xoxo

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Happy 3 day weekend to you! We had so much fun that we forgot to stop and take pictures! We hung out with The Stones on Saturday and had a BBQ, then we went to the beach house with The Jacobsens on Sunday, and today the 3 (soon to be 4) Jacobsens went to Disneyland. Our weekend was all about family. We were talking today about how blessed we are with 2 great families who live so close. We couldn't ask for better blood:)