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Monday, July 22, 2013

Cade's 3rd Birthday Party

I had decided that this year I was going to do very little in the birthday party department.  The kids are so young and don't really 'get it' if I don't go all out.  I figured pretty soon I won't be able to get away with it, so I might as well give myself an easy year.

So for Cade's 3rd birthday we went to Chuck E Cheese with mostly family and a few friends from school.  We bought a few pizzas, brought in a cake and balloons from Albertsons and called it a day.  It was super easy, enjoyable (since I wasn't doing any of the work!!!) and I think fun was had by all.  Cade LOVED it which means it was PERFECT.

Daddy and Berkley
Cade's aunt Dana and cousin Skylar
Brad and my coworker/friend Nana and Casey
My cousin Steph and Nash
My mom (Mimi) and Berkley

Love this pic!  Too bad Berkley was off running around. :(

Cade had been asking me for months to have a "firetruck cake"
This was perfect since uncle Chris gave him a fireman hat :)

It was so funny because as we were singing to him he kept trying to lick the cake.  Hey, then he could claim the whole thing for himself!  Smart boy :)
Berkley and Chuck E

When Chuck E came to sing with our party, it was a blast!  We were at a dance party with the kids going absolutely nuts.  So fun!!  Chuck E even told me how fun our group was :)
The cutest cousins...

Here's to another great year!  We love you SO VERY MUCH, baby doll!!

Cousin Love

We went to Disneyland with my brother Chris, Aimee, and Brennan.   We started off with the character breakfast.  The kids had a blast dancing with all of the characters :)
Next, we tried to get a decent picture of the cousins.  We did ok I think :)

Swim Lessons Summer 2013 - 3 Yrs Old

Tami and I put Cade and Sofia in the same swim lessons class.  Today was the first day.  I was telling Brad on the way there that it might not have best the best idea to have the kids in there together... I thought they would not focus as much.  However, it turned out great!  I think they liked having a friend there and felt much more comfortable.

There they are!  Cade and Sofia (the girl to Sofia's left in NOT Berkley.  Kinda looks like it with her curly hair!)
Day 1 was a success!  Cade can hardly wait to go back tomorrow.  He hates getting his face wet but today he was so excited to tell us over and over than he "went underwater!"

Alley Play Time

The kids are now old enough to ride bikes and such so we have been spending a lot of time out back in the alley.  So much fun this summer.  Uncle Chris got Cade hooked on baseball so he was very insistent that Brad pitch to him the other day.
This picture makes me laugh.  We decided to "challenge" ourselves as Brad says.  We each had a child in our front baby bike seat, and then Brad pulled the dogs in the trailer.  However, both dogs jumped out!  We ended up with an empty trailer.  We took the gang to the dog beach so the dogs could run around and the kiddos could do the same:)
More alley play time on bikes and scooters...

I love his pose.  So cute!

OC Fair

We took the kids to the fair the other day and had a blast!
I think I need Cade to buy me a lotto ticket.  First, he won that bear on his birthday with the 'claw' game, and now he won this basketball by playing basketball and making a basket!  This boys has got luck... or maybe it's just plain skill :)
Cade was tall enough to ride the rides this year!  Boy what fun!  (And how much more expensive going to the fair now is for us:)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day on the Duffy

These photos are a month or so old... but still too cute not to share.  We took the duffy out with the Torres'.

Here is Captain Brad with his co captain.
Sofia and Cade being silly.
Love this shot!  Berkley, Cade and Sofia.  Little Belen was only 3 months old so she wasn't in the picture.

And just a random photo of Berkley wearing Brennan's new hat from Disneyland.  She cracks me up... she is ALWAYS walking around the house with a hat on.  At home, it is always Cade's cowboy hat.  Love her!!

Cade's 3 Year Portraits

Beach Day

A few days after Disneyland my brother, SIL, and nephew came over for a fun day at the beach.  My aunt Nancy and cousin Tori came too!  We had so much fun.  I didn't get too many pictures though.  I was busy playing 'lifeguard' :)

Here is one of the beach beauty in her cute itsy bitsy bikini :)

Daddy gave the boys (Cade and Brennan) some surf (aka boogie board) lessons :)  They LOVED it!!

The boy cousins:
All 3 cousins :)
We had so much fun with them at the beach that when they left for the 30 min drive to my parents' house, the kids and I decided to follow them and stay for dinner.  We swam in the pool and then had some snacks while watching TV.
Out of order, but one more shot of Berkley :)