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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

She's A'Walkin

I wish I had taken this video a few weeks ago when Berkley was just starting to walk because it was so cute to watch her at that stage.  Now she is pretty darn good at it, but at least I captured it on video!
Way to go, Berks!  We are proud of this milestone!

Outsmarted By a Toddler

Really??  He is only 2 and he already knows how to manipulate me??  Seriously?

Yesterday Cade went to time out (for 1 minute).  He barely cried this time.  I waited outside of his door, eager to open in and see what he was up to.  When I opened the door, he had a huge smile on his face.  He then says, "sanks Mama!  Sanks for getting me outta dare!" (Thanks for getting me outta there).  Ok, that was clearly not a punishment.

Now to today - round 2:  I get home from work and find out that he pushed his sister down 3 times!  I squatted down to eye level, and looked in his eyes, very serious.  I said, "Cade, you know what happens when you push your sister.  You go to time out.  Do you like going to time out?"

His response: "Yes!  I'll go to my room now" and he proceeds to run down the hall and into his room.

Looks like we had better find a new punishment... quick!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Carving - Um, Maybe Next Year :)

We knew Berks was too small, so we just put her in her high chair and pushed her up to the table to watch the fun.... with a few snacks of course:)
Cade was really into it at first and liked to pull the 'guts' out.....
I then tried to get a picture of him with Brad as they were working on their masterpiece, but I was a bit late.  Cade was over it after about 5 minutes... ha ha!  So, guess who ended up getting the duty of making the face??  Yep, yours truly.  And remember, I'm a math teacher.... which means I don't have a creative bone in my body.  So yeah, I did the ole' standard pumpkin face :)
And this is where Cade ended up... coloring at his table.
Hopefully next year Cade might be a bit more interested and Berkie will be the one at the coloring table:)  What would we do without our loves??  They sure make life fun!

Race Cars!

We made one last trip to Disneyland on Sunday since our passes expired that day. (We don't plan on renewing them but we'll see what happens).
We were only there 2 hours, but we rode the train (a first for the kids).....

And then Cade & I rode the "race cars!" (the cars).  Cade has a SLIGHT obsession with race cars these days.  God forbid Berkley try to take ONE of his FORTY!   Little Mr. Man has been seeing the time out room (his room) lately because he likes to knock sissy to the ground if she even looks at one of his toys.... oh, and ALL the toys are HIS toys!
Anyway, back to the subject at hand.  He was so darn excited for this ride.  This was also a first - not sure why we never rode these before.  Regardless, the little man could hardly contain himself.  He really wanted the "red race car, Mommy!"  Unfortunately, we landed a silver one.  That's ok, I told him silver are the really FAST race cars!  Here we are getting into our car.  (We are the smack middle of the pic.  The "6"  is on my back.  I am in black and Cade is already in the car in a green shirt).
Zoom, Zoom!
All done!  Boy, that was "super fun!"
I must admit, I'm sad our passes are expiring because I feel like Cade has JUST NOW started to love the rides.  Like I said above.... we'll see what happens :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Old Married Couple

We got to have Sofia over for a while today. We were very excited for a fun afternoon!  Berkley was asleep for the beginning, so it was nice/easy to just spend time with the big kids.

First on the agenda: popping popcorn!  What fun!
Next, we colored, ate our popcorn, and watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Seriously, does life get any better for a 2 year old??
And then we heard our little buddy wake up.  The 3 of us all ran in to greet her.  She was so happy to see the big, "cool" kids! 
These two were so hyper and jumping on the beds like monkeys:)  Someone (or both) was blurry in every single picture because I could not get them to hold still :)  First, they tried out Cade's bed....
Next. they joined Berkley to try out the "bounce" in her bed:) 
Berkley was just so excited to be included in the big kid fun.
So cute!  I swear, these two are like an old married couple (too bad they are cousins).  Cade gave her part of his prized possession (his "night night"  - aka blanket), and said, "here, let's snuggle!"  He melts me. 
We finished the day off with some dinner.
And one more picture of this cutie patootie for good measure :)
Come back soon, Sofia!

Cowboys & Indians

Our little Indian:)
And here with her cowboy...
Is he a goofball, or what!?  This is Mr. Personality Plus!  He cracks me up all day long with the things he comes up with.  Such a fun age....terrible twos??  Not yet.  So far, this is my favorite age! 

LOVE this one! 

"Honk", got your nose! 
"Listen here, Mister!"
Happy Halloween!  We have been practicing how to "Trick or Treat" :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Berkley's 1 Year Old Pictures

Here she is! The big ONE YEAR OLD!
Berkie was not in the "picture-taking" mood the day we took her for pictures, so as you can see, we only got 1 picture of her smiling... and it's only semi-smiling.  But that's ok, at least we captured what she looks like at ONE!! :)
I just love my sweet angel.  She really does have such a sweet spirit about her.  You're the best little girl ever Berkie Laine!  We love you to pieces!


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tanaka Farms Pumpkin Patch 2012

Yesterday was a fun day!  We packed up the gang and met up with the Torres' for some pumpkin patch fun.

Whenever Cade & Sofia see each other, they always run up and do this:
And then they quickly ran over to check out the pumpkins.
Ha!  Cade then proceeded to kick his "like a soccer ball" and dribble it "like a basketball".
Daddy with his little girlfriend:)

These next 2 shots were cute ideas, however, I couldn't get everyone to look my way.
It's so neat to go to a real pumpkin patch where they are grown right there!


The crew:)

Me and my boyfriend, my main man, my main dwayne:)
The boys....
And the girls...
The Torres'...

Until  next year Tanaka Farms!  See ya in 2013!