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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Old Married Couple

We got to have Sofia over for a while today. We were very excited for a fun afternoon!  Berkley was asleep for the beginning, so it was nice/easy to just spend time with the big kids.

First on the agenda: popping popcorn!  What fun!
Next, we colored, ate our popcorn, and watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Seriously, does life get any better for a 2 year old??
And then we heard our little buddy wake up.  The 3 of us all ran in to greet her.  She was so happy to see the big, "cool" kids! 
These two were so hyper and jumping on the beds like monkeys:)  Someone (or both) was blurry in every single picture because I could not get them to hold still :)  First, they tried out Cade's bed....
Next. they joined Berkley to try out the "bounce" in her bed:) 
Berkley was just so excited to be included in the big kid fun.
So cute!  I swear, these two are like an old married couple (too bad they are cousins).  Cade gave her part of his prized possession (his "night night"  - aka blanket), and said, "here, let's snuggle!"  He melts me. 
We finished the day off with some dinner.
And one more picture of this cutie patootie for good measure :)
Come back soon, Sofia!

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