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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Outsmarted By a Toddler

Really??  He is only 2 and he already knows how to manipulate me??  Seriously?

Yesterday Cade went to time out (for 1 minute).  He barely cried this time.  I waited outside of his door, eager to open in and see what he was up to.  When I opened the door, he had a huge smile on his face.  He then says, "sanks Mama!  Sanks for getting me outta dare!" (Thanks for getting me outta there).  Ok, that was clearly not a punishment.

Now to today - round 2:  I get home from work and find out that he pushed his sister down 3 times!  I squatted down to eye level, and looked in his eyes, very serious.  I said, "Cade, you know what happens when you push your sister.  You go to time out.  Do you like going to time out?"

His response: "Yes!  I'll go to my room now" and he proceeds to run down the hall and into his room.

Looks like we had better find a new punishment... quick!

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