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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Berks' 1st Birthday Bash!

Just like Cade, Berkley's 1st birthday fell on a Saturday so we had her big party on her actual birthday.  We had her party at our community pool.  This post is heavy on the pictures so I will keep it short (my words, not the photos:).  We had 55 people help us celebrate and the day flew by way too fast.  I cannot believe my little angel is ONE!!  Where did my baby go?!?  One year ago I met Lil' Miss Berkley Laine for the first time ever.  It feels so long ago, yet like yesterday at the same time.

My aunt Jen made FIFTY of her red velvet cupcakes for the occasion.  I owe her big time.  These things are pure perfection.  They are right up there with Sprinkles in my opinion.  I can only imagine how much work this was for her.  Jen makes these bad boys from scratch!  Thanks so much Jen!!
The Birthday Girl's special chair:) 

4 generations.  Pretty cool if you ask me:)
The BIG ONE YEAR OLD in all her glory:)  Gosh, I love my sweet girl!
The Nichols....
Cade and Sofia swimming with cousin Skylar and aunt Robin

Some of the Jacobsens representing:)
My dad (aka Poppy) manning the grill.  Thanks so much for all of your work that day, dad.  You did so much to help with the party.  We love you:)
The Rodriguez family...
My grandma (Mimi) and Aunt Jen (the cupcake creator:)
Yes, Berks is 1 now and yes, I still carry her in the Becco sometimes.  A mom needs her hands sometimes, what can I say!?

Attempt #1 at a family shot.  3 out of 4 (looking at the camera) ain't bad.
Heeere's Sissy!  Ready for her cake!
A few more attempts at a good family shot.  We never got a good one, but I think we got an "A" for effort:)

Here comes Berks' cake!  Dig in Girlfriend!

She got some assistance from Big Bro Cade in blowing out her candle.
And look who ended up eating the cake:)
Mimi & Poppy with the kiddos.  Sadly, we didn't get a good one with them either.
Me, Lisa & Melissa.  Love them:)
We had so much fun celebrating Berkley's BIG milestone!  These 2 were out cold by 5pm - not kidding!!
Out of order, but here's a cute pic of my mom (Mimi) with Berkley.  Ha!  Just noticed that Cade and I are in the background.
And this is my favorite shot of the 4 generations :)
Happy Birthday to the sweetest baby girl I know.  We love you to pieces.  You are my favorite little girlfriend in the whole world.  Here's to pedicures, chocolate and many lunches together!

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  1. Happy Birthday Berks!! Looks like you had an awesome one year party