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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Race Cars!

We made one last trip to Disneyland on Sunday since our passes expired that day. (We don't plan on renewing them but we'll see what happens).
We were only there 2 hours, but we rode the train (a first for the kids).....

And then Cade & I rode the "race cars!" (the cars).  Cade has a SLIGHT obsession with race cars these days.  God forbid Berkley try to take ONE of his FORTY!   Little Mr. Man has been seeing the time out room (his room) lately because he likes to knock sissy to the ground if she even looks at one of his toys.... oh, and ALL the toys are HIS toys!
Anyway, back to the subject at hand.  He was so darn excited for this ride.  This was also a first - not sure why we never rode these before.  Regardless, the little man could hardly contain himself.  He really wanted the "red race car, Mommy!"  Unfortunately, we landed a silver one.  That's ok, I told him silver are the really FAST race cars!  Here we are getting into our car.  (We are the smack middle of the pic.  The "6"  is on my back.  I am in black and Cade is already in the car in a green shirt).
Zoom, Zoom!
All done!  Boy, that was "super fun!"
I must admit, I'm sad our passes are expiring because I feel like Cade has JUST NOW started to love the rides.  Like I said above.... we'll see what happens :)

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