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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Day After (the party)

The morning after Berks' party, I woke at 4am to go run the Long Beach Half Marathon with Sally. I was so tired from the party, but it was a really fun race.
When I got home it was time to open all of the birthday presents!!  We didn't do it Saturday after the party b/c the boys fell asleep so early.  I ended up opening everything and trying to jot down what each person gave for thank you notes.  Therefore, I ended up slacking on the pictures.  I only got the first 2 gifts.

Don't you just love her new hat??  So darn cute.  Thanks Jamie!  Every time we would put it on her, she would smile from ear to ear:)
And she LOVES this car from my parents.  Cade has a blue one and I think Lil' Miss Berkie is happy to be the proud new owner of her very own ride:)
What do you think??  Does she love it!?
Thank you to everyone for coming to help celebrate and for your generosity.  Thank you cards are on their way:)

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