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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some More 1sts

I decided to try Cade on solids this evening. The Doc said to try them at 5 months. Cade is almost 5 months, but I assume it was ok since the jar says 4 month +. We started with Earth's Best stage 1 Pears. He was mesmerized by something out the window. I have no clue what he saw but boy was it interesting.

Here he goes...

Much of it ended up on his face:) To be expected, right?

What's the consensus? Judging by this pic, it doesn't look like he liked it. Ha! He actually did really well with it and had seconds, then thirds! My Little Man is growing up sooo fast! Seems like we are hitting milestones at such a fast speed!

Afterwards, it was off to bath time. He has outgrown the tub with the hammock piece, so it was time for his big boy bath with all of his sea creatures to join him. This will be so much easier once he can sit all by himself so I can have 2 hands to bathe him. Until, then it looks like baths take 2 of us - 1 to hold Cade up and 1 to do the bathing.

He seemed to be indifferent about bath time. I kept waiting for him to splash around, but it didn't happen. Hopefully as he gets used to it, he will explore and realize all the fun to be had.

Captured by Video...

The Cade Man was very talkative today:) He had lots to tell me. If only I knew what he was trying to say:) Take a look!

This activity always makes Cade laugh so much. I love his little giggle. I want to play this game all day long just to hear him... ahh, music to my ears - not to mention the great arm muscles I am building:)

Santa Claus is Coming to Town...

....and we are ready!


The Jacobsens

Science Projects & Taste Tests

This week has been full of experiments - both with food and with sleep schedules. It all started because I wanted to get Cade on a schedule since I will be back at work in SIX short weeks! Ahhh, just thinking about is going to make me cry. So let's just pretend that isn't the case. I am in denial and so far it's working pretty good:)

Anyway.... Cade and I are always on the go which makes it hard to get any sort of consistency down. So, I made it my project to stay home this week so I could observe and 'study' my 'subject'. In addition, I have been reading many, many books.

Being a math person, I am very black & white. However, all of these schedules, feedings, etc. are very gray. What works for one person is a total disaster for the next. I just want someone to tell me exactly what needs to happen and when (ex. put him down at 9:36am for nap #1, then feed him 5.2 ounces of milk and 3.2 ounces of rice cereal, followed by a 2nd nap at 1:43pm) Wouldn't life be so easy if this were the case?

These books were helpful in giving me lots of info, however, now I just have more material swirling in my head to be confused over.

After a few days of observation, I think we are finally getting somewhere with all of this scheduling stuff. Except on the days we go running... because our runs ALWAYS knock him out. This morning was classic... he pooped out and I was jogging along doing everything in my power to keep him awake. I am sure the passerbys thought I was nuts:) Ha! If they only knew how important this was:)

So next on my list to master was/is Cade's eating schedule. I say 'was/is' because this is always a work in progress. Once you get the eating schedule down, he grows and needs an entirely new schedule. Is this God's sense of humor, or what!?

Cade has been eating (I mean playing with) Earth's Best Rice Cereal for a few weeks now. He did well at first, but now he makes this funny face (imagine the face you would make if you ate liver) and spits it all out. So.... I decided to do a TASTE TEST! I went to Target, with Little Man in tow, and we bought 3 - yep count 'em sister - 3 different kinds of cereal. I decided to do a taste test to see which one(s) my picky eater would like.

I really shouldn't be surprised about this. Both Brad and I are super picky, so we were doomed from the start. Maybe I shouldn't be catering to this 'pickiness', but I remember as a kid hating to eat certain foods, so why force this on my Little One? (Love you Mom & Dad:)

Ok, getting to my point... here are the 3 contenders for our taste test:

#1 Earth's Best Whole Grain Oatmeal Cereal
#2 Gerber Organic Oatmeal
#3 Gerber Rice Mixed Fruit

Here is the Taste Tester awaiting the testing:)

Which one do you think won?? Isn't it obvious!?

The rice with mixed fruit! It is sweet so I should've known. This little boy had so many sweets when he was in my belly, that no wonder he doesn't want the bland, plain cereal. What have I done to myself!? :)

Told ya he liked it....

Oh! One more thing to show you. My sister-in-law, Aimee has been giving me great tips. Aimee has done such a great job with my nephew Brennan and she always does her research, so she is my 'go-to' for great advice. Love ya Aimee! :) Anyway, she recommended giving Cade these.... I will try it tonight and let you know how it goes. I remember Brennan loving them, so I have high hopes.

Okey dokey... I will leave you to get back to your own research. Sorry this post was so long winded, with many tangents. What's a girl to do when she can talk as long as she wants without any interruptions!? :) xoxo

I'm Too Sexy....

...for these thighs!
But before I show you the little gems, I thought I'd show you how our Little Dude is starting the beginnings of sitting up. If propped up he does a pretty darn good job, if I do say so myself:)
Is he a smart cookie or what?! He already knows how to raise his hand. He is classroom-bound:)
And yes, my Lovie.... I already knew you were the boss. You didn't have to tell me:)

He is still loving his feet. Should I be jealous? These puppies are in his mouth some days and in his hands others.

And now.... what you have all been waiting for... the unveiling of some serious thigh-age! Check these babies out!

Wrinkles and all! I just wanna eat them up! I have been waiting for the chub to appear and finally it has graced us with it's presence.

Such a Stud Muffin! Yep, this little guy gets numerous cat calls when we are out and about. I try to keep him locked up inside to keep his ego from getting too big. Hee hee!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas at Irvine Park

Brad, Mimi, & I took Cade on his 1st Christmas tradition.... the Christmas train at Irvine Park! It was freezing, but fun! Lights, camera, action!

So much to see!

Not only do they have the train to ride, but they have the following:

Cookie decorating...

A Christmas bounce house....

Story time with Mrs. Claus...

Told ya!

Tons of lights to see!

And this little Cade Elf to see:)

And don't forget these two carolers...

And who could forget our train conductor!?

Daddy & Cade Man waiting in line for the train.

Here it comes!!!

Family pic on the train! Wheeee, here we go!

Tah-dahhh.... the train!

Mimi & Cade on Santa's sled! He took a quick break from his busy night to let us grab a pic! Thanks Santa:)

We took the train over to the North Pole to see Santa but the line was sooo long. It was too cold to wait- especially since Cade is too little to enjoy it. Sorry Santa, we will hit you up at the mall. For now, your decorations will have to do for a pic:)

My favorite pic of the night! The Jacobsen team:)

Just as the train was pulling back into the station, we got hit with the 'fake' snow! I was just in time to grab a pic! Who doesn't love a White Christmas!?

Until next year.... thanks Irvine Park! We had a blast with our little man. We can't wait to come back each year as Cade will start to understand what all the excitement is about. See ya next year!

Gobble Gobble

Brad & I had a blast celebrating Cade's 1st Thanksgiving. We had a very eventful day. First, we went to spend the afternoon with my side of the family at my aunt Beth's house in Anaheim Hills. In the picture below you can see my mom and 2 of her sisters (Mom in tan, Nancy in green, and Beth in black). My cousin Natalie (Beth's daughter) gifted Cade with this t-shirt from her school.... so sweet! Thanks Nat! We love you:)

Nat & her buddy Cade:)

Modeling his Thanksgiving duds:)

These are my male cousins ranging in age from 17-22ish. After eavesdropping on their dinner conversation, I came to the conclusion that boys have more fun growing up than girls do. They were reminiscing about their childhood stories from growing up together and let me tell you... the stories were hilarious! So adventurous and dangerous.... but funny! Girls are much more 'safe'. It made me think of all the crazy antics Cade has in his future:)
At one point the conversation turned to Cade since Blake was holding him. Then, I overhear Matt saying, "So, what's the return policy on these guys?" Ha ha! Sorry Matt.... there is a no return policy on kiddos! Too funny!
These guys have all turned out to be such gentleman and such nice, respectful men. I can only hope Cade will be like them. I can't wait for the day when Cade will say, "Here Mom, let me carry that for you." Or "Mom, let me get that door for you." Actually, I can wait because I know it will be here before I know it, but it is something to look forward to:)

Next, we went over to see Brad's side of the family. They were at his sister Robin's house in Dana Point. Cade was asleep for most of the visit, but whenhe finally woke up Grammer got her hands on him:)

Here is B's sister Robin (the host) on the phone along with Cade's cousins, Skylar & Will. They are both are sweet with Cade. They love him to pieces and he loves them back. These two will definitely be showing him the ropes when he gets a bit older:)

Group shot! (Although I couldn't round up everyone - I got the majority)
L to R: Grammer, Brad, Will, Dana, Cade Man, Skylar, and last but not least GG Ma (Cade's Great Grandma) What a good lookin' bunch.

We hope everyone had a special & safe Thanksgiving! It was a great 1st Turkey Day for Cade. I have much to be thankful for. Above all, I am thankful for the love of my heavenly Father & the wonderful family he has blessed me with....The Stones & The Jacobsens.