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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cade's 1st Vacation

Cade went on his 1st vacation this weekend. We decided to go Palm Springs since my parents have a time share there. Oddly enough, when I called to make the reservation, I learned that my parents were scheduled to go this weekend as well. So our party of 3, turned into a party of 5. We had a blast! The only downside was trying to pack! It took me over 2 hrs to get everything packed and ready to go. The car was packed to the max! You would've thought we were going away for a month. Too bad it was only for 2 nights... ha ha. I have learned that in order to make it worth the trip, we need to stay at least 3 nights next time. You live and you learn, right!? :)

First thing we did upon arrival was set up Cade's bed...aka his Pack n' Play. He looks comfy enough to me, don't you agree? Just a pic of the room to show you the mess... I mean... clutter with all of our stuff:)
As soon as we got settled, we headed to the pool. Cade got to try out his new swim trunks and go for his 1st dip. Thanks Audra for letting us borrow your water proof bjorn:)

Drying off .... such a ladies' man:) Look at those abs!
Too legit to quit:) Future heart breaker or what?!

Chillin' like a villain!

Like father, like son. Love these 2 in their similar hats:)

And their coordinating Quiksilver trunks:)

Enjoying some R & R together...

Time for another dip in the pool. Cade wasn't so sure if he liked it or not. He was trying to figure out what was going on:)

So much action for one day... somebody needed a nap!

Not for long though! Ready to play for round 2!
Getting some love from Mimi & Poppy...

Family portrait!

One more...

This was taken on our way out to dinner downtown. We all got dressed and then noticed we were dressed in the same colors. Great for a pic! We didn't even plan it, I promise! :)

Party of 3...
Party of 5...

We had such a great vacation. Once the packing was done, it was smooth sailing. When do we get to go back?? :)

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