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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some More 1sts

I decided to try Cade on solids this evening. The Doc said to try them at 5 months. Cade is almost 5 months, but I assume it was ok since the jar says 4 month +. We started with Earth's Best stage 1 Pears. He was mesmerized by something out the window. I have no clue what he saw but boy was it interesting.

Here he goes...

Much of it ended up on his face:) To be expected, right?

What's the consensus? Judging by this pic, it doesn't look like he liked it. Ha! He actually did really well with it and had seconds, then thirds! My Little Man is growing up sooo fast! Seems like we are hitting milestones at such a fast speed!

Afterwards, it was off to bath time. He has outgrown the tub with the hammock piece, so it was time for his big boy bath with all of his sea creatures to join him. This will be so much easier once he can sit all by himself so I can have 2 hands to bathe him. Until, then it looks like baths take 2 of us - 1 to hold Cade up and 1 to do the bathing.

He seemed to be indifferent about bath time. I kept waiting for him to splash around, but it didn't happen. Hopefully as he gets used to it, he will explore and realize all the fun to be had.

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