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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

No Time To Blog...

I have been MIA lately. We have been on tour... at least it feels that way... because we are in a different city every day. Ha ha! I know some people (I won't name names, Mom & Mimso!) think we are on the go too much for the Little Man but it works for us. Cade is a well adjusted Monkey and he does so well on the road. He is a quick recap of last week....

We have been getting ready for Turkey Day. And last weekend was a blast! Cade & I got together with some of my friends from college (Azusa Pacific University). From L to R: Drea, Jaci, & Lori. I have not seen Drea & Lori for probably close to 10 years. Thanks to FB we have been able to get in touch. We all brought the kids... unfortunately I did not get a picture of them. We have 6 between us. It was so much fun to chat over lunch while the kiddos played in the playground. Cade got to hang with the girls though... he begged to go play but I just didn't think he could go down the slide just yet:) Our 'lunch' lasted so long that it was dinner time by the time we left! It was so much fun reminiscing... each of us remembered different stories that the rest of us had forgotten so we were laughing like crazy. Lori & I used to go out dancing 2x per week so there were a lot of those stories in the mix:) I have missed these girls so much. I love you girls and am so glad we were able to get together with all of our crazy, busy schedules!

A few poses of Cade modeling his new beanie:) That was bought in.... yep you guessed it... another city.

Next, we were off to Disneyland. We lucked out and met this guy! Before posing for the pic, he had to give Cade a smooch:) Cade wasn't having it:)

Looks like Cade wasn't too starstruck by him. Totally unfazed.

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