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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cowgirl... and Random Pics

Here are a few pics of Berkie in her cowgirl dress:) I couldn't pick a favorite so here are a few...

This is how I find Penny on most nights lately.... ha!
We ran to the swap meet over the weekend. Berks was pooped...
And Cade wanted out of the stroller N.O.W. We bought him a cool basketball hoop though! Here he is holding onto the ball for dear life. He would not part with that ball for anything.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blog Slacker

We have been so busy lately that taking pictures and blogging has been put on the back burner a bit. Three of the past 4 days, we have spent with Brad's extended family. We have had a blast! We had Sofia's 2nd birthday party, GGMa's 95th birthday party, and a day at uncle Tim & aunt Mickey's beach house. Here is Cade lounging out at the beach. He crawled right on into that chair and just kicked back... it was too cute!Cade playing with some of his cousins (well, 2nd cousins technically)...

Berks has been such a busy girl these days, that I caught her like this after giving Cade his bath!
And these 2 have really started playing together. Cade loves to tickle Berkley, giggle with (at) her, and play with her toys with her.
I will try to get better about taking pictures, but Brad & I seem to have our hands full at family functions with 2 kiddos, so pictures are the last thing on my mind. I do wish I took pictures at the parties this weekend. Oh well, we have the memories, right!?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentines Day...

...from our monkeys to yours! Little Miss Berkley was quite the little model today. It was her 1st time in the bumbo chair and she loved it!

And this was the best I could get of the 2 monkeys together. These days my Little Man does not have time to pose for me:) Ha! Do you like that we are in February and Cade has on his Halloween pjs?? Don't judge - I didn't anticipate taking their pictures today. At least Berks looks cute:)

You Are What You Eat

Cade is a picky eater so I get very excited when I can get him to eat. Yesterday was a huge success with this macaroni and meat sauce. So much so that he decided to wear it all over his face. Ha! I ran to get my camera...I didn't think he could get any messier,... until today! He made yesterday's mess look like child's play. Yep, it was straight into the bath after this meal :) He was so proud that he even smiled for the camera and said, "cheese!"

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Cade was cracking himself up the other night! He kept putting the straw up his nose and giggling. Brad & I started laughing which only egged him on. Too funny! He loved getting us to laugh so then he got creative and started sticking it his his ear. Do we have a comedian on our hands?? :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy 4 Months Baby Girl!

Little Miss Berkley Laine turned 4 months today. She melts my heart. She has started laughing which I absolutely cannot get enough of. She has made our family complete and I just love having a boy and a girl. The relationships are so different and I feel very blessed to get to have 1 of each. We love you so much Berkie!Berkley's 4 month stats:
Length: 24.25 in (35th percentile)
Weight: 12 lbs 13 oz (20th percentile)

Finally.... a Pic of Brother & Sister!

Cade is so hard to take pictures of right now. He does not want to sit still. Luckily, I was able to capture this today! Not perfect, but I love that I finally have a pic of these 2 together:) And they are both smiling! Love this pic:)Cade loves to "play" with his sissy these days...
Here he is tickling her piggys (toes).

Surf City Half Marathon

My friend (and co worker) Shannon and I before the race. It was cold while we waited for the race to start, so I wore this dorky sweater that I could just throw away once I warmed up.
Couldn't believe I finished in 1:45! I ran the majority of the race at a 7:53 min mile. Kinda crazy that I'm in the best shape of my life AFTER having 2 kiddos! I am a bit proud of myself if I do say so myself.

Valentines Day

I attempted to take some cute pics of Berkley today while Cade was napping. I was going to use them for Valentine's Day cards. I used this leopard bandground since it matched her shoes and her bow. Great idea in theory but these just didn't turn out how I had planned. Oh well. I tried!


We watched the first half of the game with Tami, Josue & Sofia. But first I ran the Huntington Beach half marathon. I decided to run it the night before and boy am I glad I did! I ran my fastest time yet - 1:45!!
The kids were in Heaven eating all of the "Superbowl food"! Cade was is all his glory eating coo coos (cookies)!
These 2 are so cute together. They play together and entertain each other so well.
Yep, another cookie :) Cade in action.

Lil' Miss Berks taking it all in.

Sofia loves "Baby Berkley"!
And so does Cade. I often catch him giving her kisses... so sweet! (Although he also tries to hit her with his drum sticks too.... stinker!)
I love how Berks is looking at her big brother here. It seems as though she looks up to him already:)
Cade trying to feed Berkie his coo coo.
I cannot wait for these 2 to start playing (and fighting - ha!) together!! We love you guys so much! xoxo

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"Peas" & Complete Sentences

Ladies & Gentlemen!! We have a very polite boy on our hands these days. Cade now uses his manners. After working with him, he now remembers to say "peas" (please). Yesterday he kept wanting a cookie and he would say, "mama, coo coo peas". It was so darn cute! How could I say "no" to that? Therefore, the Cade Man was a cookie monster yesterday and ate multiple coo coos:)
He also says sentences now. His 2 favorite are:
"I wanna go" - which means he wants to go to the park
"I wanna see that" - no need to explain that one :)

Good job Cade Man! Your vocabulary is growing so much lately. I also love that when you give kisses you say, "muuuuah!" I hope you will never outgrow giving us your sweet kisses. And may you always giggle when I give you eskimo kisses:)