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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blog Slacker

We have been so busy lately that taking pictures and blogging has been put on the back burner a bit. Three of the past 4 days, we have spent with Brad's extended family. We have had a blast! We had Sofia's 2nd birthday party, GGMa's 95th birthday party, and a day at uncle Tim & aunt Mickey's beach house. Here is Cade lounging out at the beach. He crawled right on into that chair and just kicked back... it was too cute!Cade playing with some of his cousins (well, 2nd cousins technically)...

Berks has been such a busy girl these days, that I caught her like this after giving Cade his bath!
And these 2 have really started playing together. Cade loves to tickle Berkley, giggle with (at) her, and play with her toys with her.
I will try to get better about taking pictures, but Brad & I seem to have our hands full at family functions with 2 kiddos, so pictures are the last thing on my mind. I do wish I took pictures at the parties this weekend. Oh well, we have the memories, right!?

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