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Monday, February 6, 2012


We watched the first half of the game with Tami, Josue & Sofia. But first I ran the Huntington Beach half marathon. I decided to run it the night before and boy am I glad I did! I ran my fastest time yet - 1:45!!
The kids were in Heaven eating all of the "Superbowl food"! Cade was is all his glory eating coo coos (cookies)!
These 2 are so cute together. They play together and entertain each other so well.
Yep, another cookie :) Cade in action.

Lil' Miss Berks taking it all in.

Sofia loves "Baby Berkley"!
And so does Cade. I often catch him giving her kisses... so sweet! (Although he also tries to hit her with his drum sticks too.... stinker!)
I love how Berks is looking at her big brother here. It seems as though she looks up to him already:)
Cade trying to feed Berkie his coo coo.
I cannot wait for these 2 to start playing (and fighting - ha!) together!! We love you guys so much! xoxo

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