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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"Peas" & Complete Sentences

Ladies & Gentlemen!! We have a very polite boy on our hands these days. Cade now uses his manners. After working with him, he now remembers to say "peas" (please). Yesterday he kept wanting a cookie and he would say, "mama, coo coo peas". It was so darn cute! How could I say "no" to that? Therefore, the Cade Man was a cookie monster yesterday and ate multiple coo coos:)
He also says sentences now. His 2 favorite are:
"I wanna go" - which means he wants to go to the park
"I wanna see that" - no need to explain that one :)

Good job Cade Man! Your vocabulary is growing so much lately. I also love that when you give kisses you say, "muuuuah!" I hope you will never outgrow giving us your sweet kisses. And may you always giggle when I give you eskimo kisses:)

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