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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Chuck E + Mimi = FUN!

My mom came over yesterday for a few hours to see the kiddos. She and I took them to Chuck E Cheese (aka Cade's favorite place).

I love Berkie's outfit.  She looks like a little teenager in her skinnies and zebra print sweater.

Don't ya love how once you have kids you can just throw on a hat and go?  No one cares what you look like because they're only looking at the munchkins.  I love that!  As long as they look cute, we are good to go:)

Cade & Mimi on one of the rides at Chuck E.

Thanks for spending the day with us Mom!  We love you!  xoxo

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cade's 2nd Ever Surf Session

Wow!  Look at him go!  Brad is having so much fun getting Cade acquainted with the boogie board:)  Go boys go!

Watch Cade catch a wave right at the VERY beginning of the video!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Beach Day

Brad & I took the kiddos out to the beach yesterday. Cade had a blast playing/jumping in the water. His favorite part was "surfing" with Daddy!   Berkley was more into the sand. She loved rolling around and getting sand into every bodily crevice possible:)

Love that runner's (aka sports bra) tan!

We came home to see this!  Yes, this was the temp in our house!  Yikes, we almost turned around and walked right back out to the beach!

As you can see, Cade was pooped from all the fun and sun.  He now refuses to nap... but he will fall asleep "on the go" -  aka, he sleeps when his eyes can no longer stay open.... this means he sleeps in random spots.  Poor guy.

But not Berks!  She was ready to fill her belly :)  Gotta love that little girl.  At least someone in this house eats - Cade survives on fries and noodles only!   I don't know how he does it.  Berkie, on the other hand, likes her food.... just like her Mama :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cade's 2 Year Pictures

These were our top pics... which ones are your favorites??

Sunday, August 12, 2012

San Diego's Gaslamp District

We went on one more mini vacation before summer ends in 2 days.  This past week we joined The Torres' in San Diego to stay in the Gaslamp District.  It seems like Palm Springs and this San Diego trip work so well for our families.

Upon arriving, we walked to Horton Plaza to enjoy the sunshine and grab some lunch.  Then we came back to our rooms, unpacked, and let the kids jump on the beds :)  This entertained Cade and Sofia for quite some time.  Next we all walked to Seaport Village.  The kids rode the carousel and ran wild.  The place was packed - and it was a Tuesday night!   We walked back, ordered pizza for us "big kids" and had a blast.  The kids have so much fun and we 4 adults do too - it's a "win win"!

The next morning, we gathered the gang and headed to:

First stop.... the Shamu show!  I must say, it's a bummer that the trainers can't swim (and ride on) with the whales anymore.  It was so HOT!!

I love this shot of Sofia (or Feeda, as Cade calls her) and Cade.  They were munching on their popcorn and enjoying Shamu's tricks.

Yay!  The kids were tall enough to go on some rides in the Sesame Street zone!  So fun!

Next we saw the Pet's Rule show - super cute!

But very hot still.  Brad had the great idea of sitting in the back with an umbrella.  We were able to keep the 'young skin' (Berkley's. not mine - ha!) safe :)

We stayed about 4.5 hours.  This was taken on our walk back to the car.  The Torres' lasted about 1.5 hrs longer than us!

We sure got our money's worth at the hotel!  Since we don't have a bathtub at home, it is always so exciting to stay at a hotel.  I honestly think we had about 6 baths - and we were only there 2 nights!

This was Cade being a goofball on our drive home :)
Thanks for the invite Tami!  As usual, we always h ave so much fun with you guys :)

Look Who's 10 Months!

Little Miss Berkley Laine is indeed 10 months! She is a happy, sweet girl and we just love her to pieces!
Berks' 10 month stats:
Length: 28.5 inches (56th percentile)
Weight: 18 lbs 9.6 oz (26th percentile)

Look who wanted a turn getting his picture taken.  Yep, our little ham, Cade Kendall:)

Thank you Lord for these 2 miracles!  They make life so much more fun!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Like Brother, Like Sister

This was taken of Berkley today:

And this was taken of Cade when he was 17 months:
These 2 love them some spaghetti!  And wow - how did that happen?  It seems as though overnight, they look so much alike!  I never thought so but lately, I look at pictures and they look extremely similar!

Fashion Designer in the Making

This is what Cade chose to wear today after his bath :)  I think the binky just "makes" the outfit, don't you!?

Fire Station Tour

Cade was in Heaven today! We got to go to the fire station for a tour! We saw the "fire cars" and the fire fighters!  We went to the station on Balboa Island.  This was when Cade met the first fire fighter:

He even got to "drive" the fire engine!

Goof ball!

Another fire fighter:

Grammer lives on the island, so she walked over to meet us :)

You can see the fire pole behind Brad.  They told us that they rarely use it.  The stairs are just as quick.


That is the station behind Grammer - the white building.
We had a blast!  I think the adults were just as excited to hear all the details.  What a great time we had!