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Monday, August 20, 2012

Beach Day

Brad & I took the kiddos out to the beach yesterday. Cade had a blast playing/jumping in the water. His favorite part was "surfing" with Daddy!   Berkley was more into the sand. She loved rolling around and getting sand into every bodily crevice possible:)

Love that runner's (aka sports bra) tan!

We came home to see this!  Yes, this was the temp in our house!  Yikes, we almost turned around and walked right back out to the beach!

As you can see, Cade was pooped from all the fun and sun.  He now refuses to nap... but he will fall asleep "on the go" -  aka, he sleeps when his eyes can no longer stay open.... this means he sleeps in random spots.  Poor guy.

But not Berks!  She was ready to fill her belly :)  Gotta love that little girl.  At least someone in this house eats - Cade survives on fries and noodles only!   I don't know how he does it.  Berkie, on the other hand, likes her food.... just like her Mama :)

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