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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More Christmas Gifts...

Baby J isn't even here yet, and Kristen has already spoiled him/her with some Christmas gifts. I love the Winnie the Pooh outfits! Thanks Kristen! My very favorite is this Pooh Bear bath robe. I LOVE the little hood with the ears on it. I cannot wait to see Baby J wearing this!Aunt Nancy gave me this cute pregnancy tee! I guess I should wait until I am showing to wear it... I got some weird looks the other day while wearing it:) Thanks for being so thoughtful Nanc!

Christmas Gift to Myself

After all, this is what Christmas is about, right?

Friday, December 25, 2009


Brad and I went on the 1st our 3 planned Baby Moons - to Cabo! Yep, we left the cold Cali weather to lay out in the warm Cabo sun. It was so relaxing and we were so spoiled. Brad treated me to not one, but TWO massages! Hey, I needed one and the baby needed one too! :) Here we were having a nice lunch on the sand before Brad was attacked by the tequila shot girl!
She got him!

Another lunch of shrimp and lobster. I meant to take a picture of the food but we just couldn't wait and dug in!

Here is a pic from our balcony. The pool was my best friend and I had a 'date' with her (and my book) every morning while Brad was still sleeping.
Told you.... I am also drinking my morning virgin strawberry daiquiri :)

Notice my book is called "A Bump in the Road". Very cute fictional book about pregnancy. Perfect read for me! Made me laugh out loud, many-a-times!
Our first dinner out. Once again, didn't get a picture of the food, but it was chicken stuffed with shrimp. And of course we got Brad's favorite french onion soup! Wish we could've brought some home with us! Delicious!

Just another afternoon at The Office. We were always entertained by the shows they did on the sand. They even used me in one of the shows!

Gorgeous view or what!?

Our last lunch at The Office on the sand before heading to the airport - so sad.

Having drinks at The Gigglin' Marlin just before Brad got called on stage to sing/dance to La Bamba. He was a great sport and actually won the contest! I tried to post the video but Brad shot me down - sorry, had to get his permission to post. I'll keep working on him.

Brad with the Jeep we rented. Nothing like the warm air blowing in your hair as you drive down the coast.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Elf Yourself

After months of practicing, we are ready to show our moves.... hope you like it!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Letter to our Baby

Dear Baby J,

Guess what!? We did it! We are out of trimester 1! Your daddy and I are sooo excited and relieved to be out of this trimester. You are safe and moving around like crazy inside my tummy. Even though we can’t see you too well in the ultrasound pictures, we think you are absolutely adorable and the cutest little thing we have ever laid eyes on. We can’t wait to meet you and hold you in our arms.
Until then, stay safe, warm and loved inside of me.
Mommy & Daddy

P.S. I am sorry you have to hear me yell a lot lately… my students are awfully excited for Christmas break and I have to raise my voice to get them under control. So sorry if it hurts your ears. I have been eating lots of chocolate to make it up to you… hope you like it as much as mommy does!:)

Baby J's 1st Outfit

Thanks for this adorable onesie, Aimee! I can rest assured that I will always have a running partner from now on! :)

Newport Boat Parade

Yesterday was mom's birthday so we had a celebration. We took mom, dad and their best friends Bob and Dawn out on the duffy to watch the Newport Boat Parade. In true holiday fashion, the boat was stocked with appetizers and wine - water for me, or course:(

Here are a few pix of the decked out boats. There was one with a piano and a singer performing as it went by.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Knock on Wood

We are a few days short of 11 weeks and still no morning sickness at all! I sure got lucky. Can you tell I'm feeling great? Does that mean I am carrying a little man?

I wouldn't even know I am pregnant except for the fact that I am very tired....

Friday, December 11, 2009

Made my day!

Brad's and my students found out about Baby J yesterday at school. They were excited and very happy for us. The #1 question was "what are you going to name him/her and can you name the baby after me?" Ha ha
One adorable girl named Jenna was really sweet about it. Then this morning before school I had a knock on my classroom door. There was Jenna with a homemade poster in her hands that read, "Congrats on your baby" and "You'll make the best mom", etc. She also had homemade cookies and a card for us. It made my day! Who knew a junior higher could be so thoughtful!? Thanks Jenna!

What's on Your Wish List?

Our little star couldn't wait to come into the world before showing his/her face. The little guy/girl just had to introduce him/herself on our Christmas card!

Cravings... Salty or Sweet?

So far, I have had no crazy cravings - just MORE of the things I have always craved. Mainly, SWEETS! You name it, chocolate, starburst, anything sweet! Right now I could really go for a piece of our wedding cake! Next on the list, is salt. Brad went to our favorite sandwich shop today and bought me a few of the BEST PICKLES ever! I couldn't resisit and HAD to have one right when I walked in the door. Can't you tell how excited I am!?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just a few more of Baby J's loved ones...

Cousin Will and Grandpa Jake (on the right) . On the left is Will's other grandpa, Grandpa John.

Cousin Will in his cowboy outfit

Cousin Skylar at Disneyland

Our 10 Week Ultrasound

It was so neat to see the little guy/girl moving all around! The heartbeat was amazing as well! God is awesome!

10 Week Ultrasound Video

Yesterday, Brad and I had our 10 week appt. Brad video taped the ultrasound as the Dr. pointed out/described what we were seeing. If you listen closely, you can hear her narrate.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Taft College

Brad and I went to visit Nat on Sat. at college. We had a great time and got to meet her new boyfriend, Robert. He is very protective of our little Nat and has a contagious laugh! We had a great time hanging out with them and got to taste the infamous Hot Stones Pizza! The pix in the hats were in the 99 cent store while we were goofing around. Robert then challenged Brad to pool and loved rubbing it in when he beat Brad! We love you Nat and are so proud of you!

Seal Beach Christmas Parade

Friday night Brad and I met Jen and Dave in Seal Beach for dinner and then the Seal Beach Christmas Parade. We had a blast! Thanks for inviting us J & D!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Our Little Bambino's Family...

Junior's cousin, Brennan...otherwise known as "Mr. B".
Junior's daddy, brother Chewy, and sister Penny.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

First Dr. Appt - Nov. 11, 2009

Waiting for the Doc...

Baby Mobile

Now that Jr. is on his/her way, we had to get a new car! See our upgrade... we went from the gray two-door to the red four-door. Baby J will be riding in style!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Finding out we're pregnant!

Pic #1 - the fortune cookies I used to surprise everyone telling them we were pregnant. Unfortunately, I couldn't wait and gave it to them the minute I walked in the door so it lost it's effect.
Pic #2 - Yep, it took 4 tests to convince me we really did have a bun in the oven.
Pic #3 - the proud parents after it finally hit Brad.
Pic #4 - our first congrats gift, from our neighbor, Kristen.
Pic #5 - the flowers and card I woke up to the day after we found out. Brad surprised me!