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Friday, December 25, 2009


Brad and I went on the 1st our 3 planned Baby Moons - to Cabo! Yep, we left the cold Cali weather to lay out in the warm Cabo sun. It was so relaxing and we were so spoiled. Brad treated me to not one, but TWO massages! Hey, I needed one and the baby needed one too! :) Here we were having a nice lunch on the sand before Brad was attacked by the tequila shot girl!
She got him!

Another lunch of shrimp and lobster. I meant to take a picture of the food but we just couldn't wait and dug in!

Here is a pic from our balcony. The pool was my best friend and I had a 'date' with her (and my book) every morning while Brad was still sleeping.
Told you.... I am also drinking my morning virgin strawberry daiquiri :)

Notice my book is called "A Bump in the Road". Very cute fictional book about pregnancy. Perfect read for me! Made me laugh out loud, many-a-times!
Our first dinner out. Once again, didn't get a picture of the food, but it was chicken stuffed with shrimp. And of course we got Brad's favorite french onion soup! Wish we could've brought some home with us! Delicious!

Just another afternoon at The Office. We were always entertained by the shows they did on the sand. They even used me in one of the shows!

Gorgeous view or what!?

Our last lunch at The Office on the sand before heading to the airport - so sad.

Having drinks at The Gigglin' Marlin just before Brad got called on stage to sing/dance to La Bamba. He was a great sport and actually won the contest! I tried to post the video but Brad shot me down - sorry, had to get his permission to post. I'll keep working on him.

Brad with the Jeep we rented. Nothing like the warm air blowing in your hair as you drive down the coast.

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