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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Odds & Ends

How cute is this??  These 2 love to give each other hugs :)
Here is Cade with his Daddy getting his 1st skate boarding lesson (laying on one knee and pushing with the other foot).  Warms my heart to watch Brad teach his boy.  Dads are so important and special.
The kids and I on The Little Mermaid ride at CA Adventure.  Best pic I could get :)
Last weekend gave us a taste of summer - it was hot out and the beach was PACKED!!  We took advantage of it and hopped on bikes to head down to the pier....
... for some ice cream :)

We then went into the Newport Lifeguard Headquarter building to see Brad's brother and a few of his buddies.  Brent (Brad's brother) has the exact same office that their father used to have.  Brad used to ride his bike to his dad's office every day after school and then grab his board to go surf.
He wanted a picture of the 3 generations (he is holding a plaque that is dedicated to his dad).
On our way home from the bike ride.... we've got the boys' bike and the girls' bike.  Cade kept wanting to race.  He would say, "Pass 'em Daddy!  Pass 'em!"  I think we have a competitive one on our hands:)

I tried Berkie's hair in pig tails again.... it's not quite long enough yet, but she is still the cutest little angel:)  However, she IS starting to stick up for herself lately.  She no longer lets Cade take toys from her, boss her around, etc.  To that I say, "you go, Berks!  Don't take that!"
Ha!  Cade saw that I was taking pictures of Berkley's hair and he held a bow to his head so that I'd take one of him.  Such a goof ball, that boy :)