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Thursday, November 11, 2010

First Food Coma

After Cade's 4 month check-up, the Doc have us the 'green light' to start solid foods...aka rice cereal. We tried it for 2 nights in a row before realizing that Cade is like his mommy. While he looks just like his daddy, he takes after me in the 'non-night owl' department. Cade is an early riser like me and he crashes early as well. Both nights Cade was falling asleep while I was trying to feed him. He just wanted his bottle and FAST so he could go to bed! I finally wised up on day 3 and tried to give the cereal to him earlier in the day. Success! And then I tried again at 5pm on the same day (earlier than the previous nights). He seemed to like it! And the best part is.... yep, you guessed it.... he slept for 7 hrs straight! From 7pm - 2am! Woo hoo! I think we are on to something, Folks!I think I got more on his face than in his mouth, but that's ok! We had fun regardless:)I had the bottle ready to go just in case my Little Man wanted that instead. Yes, he DOES wear the pants around here:)

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