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Saturday, July 20, 2013

4th of July & Cade's 1st Bike!

For the past few years, I have started July 4th with a race.  This year was no different.  It is a 5k (3.1 miles) in Huntington Beach.  I run there from our house in Newport, run the race, and then run home.  It gives me 13+ miles.  This was fun. I dressed for the occasion.
I rushed home to get these 2 cutie pies dressed and ready for the day.  Our community center had donuts, a parade, and then a carnival with bounce houses, games, and food.
Walking to the festivities...
Cade's birthday is July 9th.  Mimi & Poppy gave him his birthday gift a day early.  He was soooo excited to get the "police bike" that he had been asking for.  There is something so cute about a boy and his very 1st bike :)
We weren't sure how he would do since he just turned 3.  (Actually, I was the only one who thought he would be fine.  I figured if you can ride a tricycle, why can't you ride a bike?  Everyone else was skeptical though.)

We were all so proud of him... he took off in no time!
And Berkley took over Cade's scooter.  She was pretty darn good at it too!
All that bike/scooter riding was tiring.  We headed into Mimi & Poppy's house for a popsicle.

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