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Monday, April 26, 2010

Showered With LOVE - Shower #1

My mom hosted a shower for me on Saturday. Cade got spoiled with lots of gifts. The hit was all of the surf related items, clothes, etc. But here is the BEST PART..... Katie, my best friend who lives in Oregon, flew down and SURPRISED ME!!! When I opened the door, I stared at her in shock...then I grabbed her and hugged her for dear life, and then lost it and sobbed like a baby. Thanks for being more than a best friend, Kate... you are like a sister. We have truly been through everything together and I love you for it:) I will never forget this day!

Thanks to Mom as well for putting on such a nice shower. I appreciate all of your hard work. I love you!

Here is Kate and me:)
Mom (the Hostest with the Mostest) and me...

Me, Lisa & Melissa... love these girls!

Gotta love this surfer outfit...

My Bestest again...:)

I just love the teeny tiny shoes:)

Here is my twin, Jana :) She is due with her son in just 4 weeks! She is 6 weeks ahead of me.

Rhonda was in the pregnancy club too...until 3 months ago when she had Baby Ryan!

Here are the work ladies... thanks for coming, girls!

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