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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Letter From Mommy

Hi My Big Boy!

I was so excited to see your adorable face yesterday at our 3D ultrasound. You are such a big boy now! I fell in love with your chubby little cheeks:) Just like you always do, you rubbed your little eye to show us how tired you are from all that hard work you are doing while trying to grow. You also kept moving your lips... it looked like you were trying to eat. Good thing Daddy, Grammer, Mimi, Poppy, and I went to lunch afterwards to feed you.
So far people seem to think you look like Daddy. I sure hope so... daddy was (and still is) a handsome guy. No matter who you look like, one thing is for sure - you are one handsome little man! Your daddy and I love you to pieces! We cannot believe we will meet you in only 11 short weeks!
Daddy and I have just about finished your room. Chewy and Penny are very curious about all the changes going on. They are curious who/what is going in that room. They are going to be your little furry friends.
One thing I know, is that you love music! At church this morning, you were dancing around during the singing.
Stay cozy and safe, Cade. Daddy says you are 'cooking up real well'! We cannot wait to meet our precious angel boy. Once you are here our family of 5 (don't forget your furry friends) will be complete!
I love you SO MUCH!

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