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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bringing Date Night Back!

Brad & I have rekindled a 'love'..... a 'love' we thought was gone forever. Don't worry..... it's nothing serious.
Pre-Cade, we used to go to Chronic Cantina every Friday night for 'date night'. We hardly ever - if ever- missed a Friday. We became friends with our server (Ashley to be exact). We weren't even handed menus.... she knew our orders by heart. Well, I always had the same thing (my beloved chicken fajitas - no rice, no beans, no tortillas, just a bowl of lettuce and pico de gallo) and Brad would choose 1 of 3 items. Yep, we were 'regulars' and we weren't afraid to admit it.
Then. one sad day we learned that Chronic would be closing. They had been given a buy out offer that they just couldn't refuse. We have been searching for a new weekly hot spot, but nothing comes close.
A few months ago, while driving out to my parents' house in Rancho Cucamonga, I spotted a Chronic Cantina on the 91 fwy. I couldn't believe my eyes! We have been dying to try it out, but every time we are out that way we are usually on our way to eat at my parents' house, so it is bad timing. Well..... today was THE DAY! We went in! I was a bit skeptical - thinking it wouldn't 'be the same'. Boy was I wrong! It was EXACTLY the way I remembered it tasting. The only thing missing was our Ashley. B & I are in love... again! We won't be going back weekly since it is 40 minutes away, but I can guarantee we will be back soon!

I know it looks empty, but it wasn't. Not too crowded at 1130am but there were people there... I promise:)

Ahhhhh, the chips and salsa even smelled the same. I normally don't eat salsa (I know, I know)but I LOVE their salsa!
We were very excited to "Chronitize" Cade:) He is now a member of the club:)

We love you Chronic. Oh, how we have missed you. So glad we have rekindled our romance:)

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