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Monday, August 29, 2011

Taylor Swift Concert

Nat & I went to see Taylor Swift at The Staples Center last night. I arrived liking Taylor, but I left loving her! She is the most humble, and genuinely nice person out there. Even though she has been 'famous' for a while now, she is still so humbled by her fans. She still seems shocked by how much people love her. Taylor is such a great role model for young girls! Throughout her entire concert, not ONE dance move was inappropriate or risque. I just love this sweet, innocent girl. And even more, I am SO GLAD she has made it this far without turning into a sexy, raunchy popstar. That gives me hope in our society.
Doesn't Nat look cute? I thought she was the cutest dressed at the concert:)A pic from our seats. We were high up and on the side - but overall not bad seats.

There's my girl Taylor, doing her thing. Yeah, I'm in her fan club now - haha!

You rock Taylor. Nat & I will be bringing Berks with us next time we come to see you. You are definitely someone my little girl will be allowed to look up to. Thanks for keeping it clean and being a good girl. You are adorable.

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