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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Goodbye OC Fair

Since we have passes to the fair, we went many times this summer. It is perfect when we want to get out of the house with Cade. So we decided to go one last time this afternoon.

I love how Cade just kicks back - feet up, while he wets his whistle:)

Me & my favorite little boy:)
Brad really liked this. So, here ya go babe.... this pic is posted for you! Guess ya know what side we vote for now:) Cade got the attention of the parade people. At first, he liked it....
But this was a little too close for comfort for him :( He got very scared when the animal (bird?) got too close to him!
Next, we went to the dog show called "Jump!". Here are the boys checking it out. I think Cade wished Chewy & Penny could do tricks like these dogs :) (One dog was actually named Chewy!)
I didn't get any good shots, but here is the end of a dog doing a back flip!
They even had one dog do a handstand on top of the trainers hands! That was the most impressive trick I saw!
Jumping backwards on his hind legs....

And that's all folks. See ya next year, OC Fair! But get ready.... we will be double the trouble next time. Cade has already told Berkley to get ready for the food, rides, and shows!

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