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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

So Sad...They're Moving!

My friends and neighbors just told me some shocking news yesterday....they're moving.  I am beyond sad.  We hang out many times per week  - whether we go to their house or ours, the park or the beach.  Sofie is right in the middle on our kids so Kristen and I chat while the munchkins run around. We have become really good friends and I am in denial that they are moving.  I totally understand though.  This is what works for their family... I am just a bit selfish and want them to stay.  They have 1 more month in Newport so I plan to bug them everyday until that moving van drives away. 

Today we walked to the park.  Here's Sofie Mae!
And Berkley Laine - mid clap.  She is such my girlfriend.  She just looks at me and starts giggling (maybe she thinks I look funny, who knows:)  She is my shadow lately and wants my attention all.the.time.  We have been having the BEST time together.
Kristen, you better check that moving van before you leave.... I might just take the wheels off  and hide them:)  I really am in denial :(

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