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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The "Look"

I was thinking today about the things that I adore about our kids. There was 1 thing in particular that stands out in my mind about Cade.  Is it too cute....

When he looks in the mirror he will glance up and catch my face in the mirror.  I am usually smiling back at him and thinking how cute he is checking himself out.  (Hey, if I was that cute, I'd check myself out too!:)  Upon meeting my eyes, he will go back to looking at himself to see what it is that I am smiling about.  He then always gets that look - you know, the one where he is trying not to smile but he just can't stop the corners of his mouth from curling up.  Almost as if he is trying to be modest while thinking, "yeah, I am that cute... but I must act humble and NOT SMILE".

I knew I wanted to post about this "look"that I love so much but knew that there was no way I'd ever catch the "look" on camera.  I decided to take a random pic of the kids and post it even though it wouldn't show the "look".  Well... low and behold, the first shot I took kinda sorta shows the "look".   Now exactly, but close. 
I decided to press my luck and take a few more shots, but I got this:
Someone was upset that I pulled the binky for the shot - Sorry Cade, but I didn't want to hear it from Mimi (my mom) when she saw the binky.  She frowns on that :)
But when push comes to shove, I'd rather my boy be happy.... sorry mom, you lost on this one:) 
These two are growing up right before our very eyes.  Berkley is clapping all the time now and cruising around the furniture no problem.  If I hold her hands, she will walk down the hallway. 
May (our sitter who has the kids twice a week) says that Cade always sticks up for his sister when kids take toys from her, etc.  Evidently, he says, "be nice guys!  Be nice to my sister!"  Too cute!  He hears this from us - "be nice" - so he must feel the need to pass it along.  I can only hope he continues to be the protective brother he is!

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