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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Palm Springs With The Torres'.... Again :)

Grab a snack and get cozy.... there is picture overload coming your way.  It was hard to weed out the pictures so I just posted nearly all of them.  Sadly, I got none of Tami and Josue.  Darn!  And the pictures I did take all look alike.  Ha!

I LOVE Palm Springs.  It is so relaxing.  We hang at the pool all day and then go back to the room for some kid baths, adult beverages, and this:
Because we are at the pool all day, that leaves plenty of time for this:
I usually get up in the morning (before the pool even opens at 8am) and knock out a few miles.  This trip I ran 10.  I had time to kill before getting everyone sunscreened :)
When I got back to the room, we ate breakfast and then headed out to the pool.
We were saying how sad it is that the older 2 have now graduated out of their rafts and have moved onto their puddlejumpers.

Me and my Monkeys:)  Gosh, I just love these 2.  Sometimes I think my heart is going to explode.  Did I tell you that I have been trying to talk Brad into just ONE MORE monkey!?!?  (Yes, my tubes were tied, but it can be reversed.... not that I looked into it or anything:) 
Rats.... Brad is NOT having it.  If you see him, please put in a good word for me.
Sorry Berks - I caught you blinking.
In new news..... Mr. Cade went down the slide by himself a few times!!!  Sofia did too!  She was a pro actually:)  Here is Cade going up the stairs all by himself:
Go Sofia!  Cade is 'on deck'.

Ha!  This time when it was his turn, he just sat..... and sat.... and sat.  We kept yelling at the kids behind him to give him a little push.  They never did.  And wow - they were so patient as they waited for Brad to run up and go down with him.

Lil' Miss Berks wanted in on the action!
Brad took her down a few times too.  It was her 1st time water sliding :)
Go Berks Go!

Daddy & his Monkeys.  Don't you think he'd look good trying to juggle 3 Monkeys?? :)


Cade & Sofia ("Feeda") going down the slide together.

Brad jumped in again.  He is a crack up.  He LOVES the slides:)
He went on the "big kid slide" a few times as well.  See him waving from the top??

There he goes!
And a few of my girlfriend :)

I just wanna smooch that face!  And believe me, I do!
Brad and the kiddos.   See, he could totally do 3 :)  Hee hee!
We had a great trip! I wore zero make-up all weekend and lived in swimsuits and workout gear.  Does it really get any better than that?  Total r.e.l.a.x.a.t.i.o.n!  See you in November Palm Springs!

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